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strategic alliance between Nabih and Ammar platforms to improve the real estate management experience in Saudi Arabia

The real estate industry is one of the leading economic sectors experiencing rapid development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with many companies and technological platforms competing to provide excellent services in property management.

In this context, “Nabih” platform for property management and “Ammar” platform for real estate technology announced a new strategic partnership aimed at enhancing cooperation between them and improving the property management experience in the Kingdom.

This alliance is sponsored by “Al-Karaj” business accelerator and attended and supported by its CEO Omar Al-Shabnan, reflecting both companies’ commitment to providing integrated and innovative solutions to the real estate industry in Saudi Arabia.

This partnership comes within the framework of Saudi Vision 2030, which aims to promote innovation and develop the real estate sector to effectively contribute to the country’s economic and social development.

Ammar platform seeks to enhance the rental experience in Saudi Arabia, making the tenant’s journey smoother by offering innovative technological solutions.

It is dedicated to developing its products and services to meet market needs and provide a superior user experience.

On the other hand, Nabih platform recently launched its new property management product targeting businesses and real estate developers, aiming to improve the efficiency of property management operations and provide innovative solutions to clients.

Commenting on this partnership, Nabih platform’s CEO, Fawaz Samarah, expressed excitement about collaborating with Ammar platform to improve the rental experience in Saudi Arabia, reaffirming their commitment to providing the best services to their clients and tenants.

He noted that this partnership represents a fruitful opportunity for both companies to exchange expertise and knowledge with the goal of enhancing the real estate industry in the Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Faisal Al-Arfaj, CEO of Ammar platform, expressed optimism about this partnership, indicating that Nabih platform’s experience in property management will significantly contribute to developing their products and improving their services to clients.

They are excited to offer a superior technological real estate experience to users in Saudi Arabia.

With this strategic alliance between Nabih and Ammar platforms, both companies demonstrate their commitment to excellence and innovation in property management, reflecting their shared vision of providing innovative solutions to the real estate industry in Saudi Arabia.

It is expected that this alliance will achieve further success and development in the future, significantly enhancing the real estate experience for users and improving the overall performance of the real estate industry in the Kingdom.

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