dkilo successfully completes its Seed investment round with $3.2 million

Egyptian company “dkilo”, specialized in digital advertising, has secured a $3.2 million funding, distributed between equity investments and financing in a seed funding round, through “ReviveLabs” via “Upturn Ventures”, which was announced at the “Leap24” conference.

The investment round aims to support “dkilo” in the Saudi market, where the company seeks, according to its description, to change the way brands communicate with their audience by using more dynamic advertising methods on the streets.

According to “ReviveLabs”, this partnership is expected to open up opportunities for e-commerce entrepreneurs to increase brand awareness and improve audience conversion rates through advertisements.

Established in 2021, “dkilo” provides advertisers with the opportunity to leverage a data-driven digital platform to enhance their advertising campaigns’ efficiency and increase return on advertising spend.

The company’s operating mechanism relies on placing billboards on the streets or mobilizing them through individuals during their daily routines, whether by carrying backpacks or through their cars, allowing platform participants to generate additional income.

It’s worth mentioning that “dkilo” has plans to expand its operations in the Saudi market by enhancing its presence and increasing the number of clients it serves.

The company also aims to develop its technologies and digital platform to meet customer needs and provide more effective advertising services.

Additionally, “dkilo” seeks to build strategic partnerships with other companies in the digital advertising industry to exchange knowledge, experiences, and enhance innovation in this field.

These partnerships are expected to strengthen “dkilo’s” position as one of the leading companies in the digital advertising sector in the region.

The current investment round and the funding obtained by “dkilo” are crucial steps towards achieving its goals and expanding its operations.

This move is expected to support the company and enhance its position in the digital advertising market, achieving sustainable long-term growth.

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