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Welly begins offering luxury delivery services to customers in Dubai

London-based luxury ride-hailing startup, Willy, has announced the commencement of its services in the UAE, according to reports from CNBC’s economic website.

As part of its debut in Dubai, Willy will initiate offering rides to users utilizing BMW 5 Series cars for the first time.

This serves as a preliminary step to support the future electric version, the i5, from BMW. This move comes with the aim of competing with existing ride-hailing operators in the commercial hub, including the major player, Careem.

The company’s founder, Russian-Swiss entrepreneur Anton Cherkonov, confirmed to CNBC that ride services will commence in the UAE city starting Wednesday, primarily targeting affluent customers.

The electric i5 version from BMW presents a financially feasible option, with the 2024 BMW i5 starting at $66,800, making it cheaper than other luxury electric payment-based cars such as the Mercedes-Benz EQE and the Tesla Model X.

Willy allows users to make specific requests to their drivers via its app, such as requesting a driver to pick up flowers for a loved one before their arrival, as indicated by Cherkonov.

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