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Strategic Partnership between Nordic Digital Platforms and OBIX to Transform Maternity Care Services in the UAE and Gulf Cooperation Council Countries

Nordic Digital Platforms, a leader in linking medical innovations with patient well-being, has announced a strategic partnership with OBIX, a leading provider of prenatal data systems. This collaboration aims to leverage artificial intelligence capabilities to transform maternity care services in the United Arab Emirates and Gulf Cooperation Council countries, responding to the increasing need for specialized, safe, and comfortable healthcare.

Under this agreement, OBIX’s prenatal data system will be integrated into the Nordic Digital Platforms system, which specializes in comprehensive digital healthcare solutions and has extensive experience in managing healthcare data effectively. This integration is expected to enhance the digital transformation services provided by Nordic Digital Platforms, specifically designed for healthcare facilities, allowing relevant service providers to use advanced digital tools and enhance their capabilities in improving patient care and safety, particularly in maternity care.

OBIX will showcase its innovative solutions at the Arab Health Exhibition 2024, while Nordic Digital Platforms will use this significant event to reinforce its commitment to the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and officially announce its market entry into the United Arab Emirates through the partnership.

Expanding Operations in the United Arab Emirates

Following this agreement, Nordic Digital Platforms plans to expand its operations in the United Arab Emirates, aligning with the government’s vision to harness artificial intelligence capabilities in the healthcare sector. This new partnership will enhance maternity care services in both public and private hospitals in the Emirates, benefiting from the strong presence of both Nordic Digital Platforms and OBIX in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

Harry Koponen, CEO of Nordic Digital Platforms, emphasized the importance of partnering with OBIX in developing healthcare technology innovations and enhancing commercial growth in the Emirates and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. He stated, “Given the significant impact of AI-supported digital solutions on healthcare, especially maternity services in the Emirates, the partnership with ‘OBIX’ will leverage their prenatal care expertise to develop and provide innovative digital healthcare solutions that significantly improve the quality and safety of services offered in public and private healthcare facilities.”

Creating a Positive Impact on Healthcare

Mehir Shah, Deputy CEO of OBIX, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, saying, “Our partnership with Nordic Digital Platforms allows us to expand our presence and create a positive impact on the rapidly growing healthcare sector in the Emirates and Gulf Cooperation Council countries. We look forward to integrating OBIX’s prenatal data system into the NDP digital healthcare platform, revolutionizing patient outcomes by providing clinical data management and real-time decision-making capabilities in prenatal care.”

OBIX’s prenatal data system offers a wide range of solutions designed to meet modern maternity care practices’ requirements. Integrating its advanced system into the Nordic Digital Platforms healthcare platform is expected to revolutionize patient outcomes by providing a new standard for clinical data management and real-time monitoring in prenatal care.

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