Emirates develops Emkan Rewards Program to improve car services for customers

The Emirates General Petroleum Corporation (Emarat) has unveiled enhancements to its customer loyalty program, “Emkan,” through the introduction of a tiered system.

This move aims to elevate the overall customer experience across Emarat’s service station network in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, enhancing customer loyalty levels and personalizing their journey.

The new system is bolstered by an integrated portfolio of rewards and exclusive offers distributed across bronze, silver, and gold tiers. Customers can progress between tiers by earning additional points through various purchase transactions at Emarat stations.

Notably, customers retain their membership tier regardless of the number of points redeemed throughout the year.

The customer journey begins with registration on the “Emkan” app, granting them a bronze membership with a wide range of benefits, promotional offers, and periodic entry opportunities into draws. Customers can advance to the silver tier after accumulating 10,000 EmCoins points through fuel refills at Emarat stations, where they receive one and a half times the points per liter of fuel.

Upon reaching over 30,000 EmCoins points, customers are upgraded to the gold tier, which offers double points on fuel refills along with various exclusive benefits.

Ali Khalid bin Zayed Al Falasi, Senior Corporate Loyalty Manager at Emirates General Petroleum Corporation (Emarat), emphasized that the launch of the tiered system within the “Emkan” loyalty program is a strategic step towards providing an exceptional experience for customers beyond fuel refills and retail shopping.

This aligns with the corporation’s plans to enhance customer loyalty by delivering value, returns, and exclusive benefits consistent with its strategic objectives.

The “Emkan” program, launched last year, aims to enhance direct interaction levels with the millions of customers visiting Emarat stations in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, seeking the highest quality services, energy products, and everyday retail items. Emarat has strategic plans to develop the program and enhance customer experiences, beginning with the launch of the tiered system.

Customers can earn points by scanning the quick response (QR) code on the “Emkan” app during fuel refills, shopping at Emarat’s diverse stores, or utilizing services such as “Lube Express” and car wash facilities across Emarat’s network of over 130 strategically located service stations.

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