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Intlaq Celebrates the Graduation of Its First Batch of Startups from Its Business Acceleration Program

The entrepreneurial scene in Egypt witnessed a significant event today with the company “Intlaq” celebrating a notable achievement: the graduation of its first group of startups from its business acceleration program, under the motto “Entrepreneurship in Egypt… From the Fragrance of History to the Horizons of the Future”. This event highlights the rich heritage of the Egyptian entrepreneurial sector, which is considered a pioneer in the region. It showcases “Intlaq’s” vision and its orientation towards enhancing partnerships and cooperation with all actors in this sector to drive its growth and development.

The event was attended by a selection of government figures and experts in the field of entrepreneurship, including Dr. Hala El-Said, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, and Dr. Sherif Farouk, Chairman of the Egyptian Post, in addition to several advisors and CEOs from various sectors related to technology and innovation.

Mohamed Ehab, the Executive Director of “Intlaq”, emphasized in his speech the importance of this event not only as a celebration of the graduation of the first batch of startups but also as a reminder of the rich heritage of the Egyptian entrepreneurial sector. He pointed out that the goal of the program is to enhance Egypt’s position as a regional center for innovation, through an entrepreneurship sector that is based on innovation, inclusiveness, and impact.

Aya Ismail, the co-founder and head of “Intlaq’s” business accelerator, spoke about the intensive training program that the first batch underwent, which lasted for four months and included training, consultations, conferences, and various events to support startups and highlight their success stories.

In her part, Dr. Hala El-Said affirmed the pioneering role of “Intlaq” in promoting the culture of entrepreneurship in Egypt, describing the company as a model to be emulated in achieving a well-studied vision executed professionally.

The event included a film presentation that documented the journey of entrepreneurship in Egypt, starting from Talaat Harb, and a discussion on the history and development of the sector with the participation of some of the most prominent names in the field of entrepreneurship since the 1990s.

During the event, the spotlight was on the graduated startups, which operate in various fields including green technology, manufacturing, health technology, and more, confirming the diversity and richness of the Egyptian entrepreneurial sector and its vast potential for growth and development.

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