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du and Amazon Web Services Collaborate to Accelerate Cloud Transformation for Institutions and Government Entities in the UAE

In a significant move towards enhancing the digital infrastructure in the United Arab Emirates, “du,” part of the Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, announced a strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This announcement was made during the 2024 Global Communications Conference held in Barcelona, aiming to accelerate the cloud transformation of institutions and government bodies in the UAE.

Through this partnership, an Advanced Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) will be established, tasked with developing best practices, guiding principles, as well as governance policies and requirements necessary for a smooth transition to cloud computing. This initiative aims to enable “du” to launch innovative cloud services that efficiently meet its customers’ needs.

“du” will leverage this collaboration to offer customized cloud solutions tailored to the requirements of government entities and institutions across various sectors, utilizing the capabilities of technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. In turn, Amazon Web Services will support “du” in developing its sovereign cloud services, ensuring compliance with governance requirements, data localization, and the highest standards of data security and protection.

Fahad Al Hassawi, the CEO of “du,” emphasized that this partnership represents a significant step in realizing the company’s vision to become a leading and trusted digital provider, supporting institutions at all levels to meet their digital transformation needs through innovative digital services and platforms.

Bernard Najm, Vice President of Telecommunications in the Middle East at AWS, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership with “du” to enhance cloud services in the UAE, highlighting the role of cloud technologies in improving the resilience of companies and encouraging innovation.

The partnership between “du” and AWS will also focus on developing new cloud applications and updating IT infrastructure to deliver enhanced digital experiences. Additionally, it will explore the potential offered by generative artificial intelligence technology in improving customer experiences and network operations, as well as the benefits of Cloud Radio Access Network (Cloud RAN) technology in enhancing network performance, reducing operational costs, and simplifying network management processes.

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