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Banque Misr meets entrepreneurs participating in the second session of the Taqadir program

Bank Misr organized a meeting with entrepreneurs participating in the second edition of the “Taqqadam” startup growth acceleration program, attended by Hossam Eldin Abdel Wahab, Vice Chairman of Bank Misr’s Board of Directors, and a distinguished group of the bank’s leaders.

The event was part of Bank Misr’s commitment to supporting entrepreneurs and startups, aiming to help them overcome various obstacles they might face.

Hossam Eldin Abdel Wahab, Vice Chairman of Bank Misr’s Board of Directors, emphasized in his opening speech that collaborative innovation with startups is a cornerstone of Bank Misr’s comprehensive strategic transformation program, which includes a comprehensive digital transformation system within the bank. Launching Bank Misr’s startup growth program is aimed at enhancing Egypt’s role as a regional hub for startups, facilitating investment attraction, and changing the future of finance and business in Egypt through digital transformation and local market development.

He added that Bank Misr, as a major financial institution, will collaborate with participating startups to identify innovative mechanisms and rapid product production methods, offering solutions based on a precise understanding of customer needs.

Participating startups will benefit from financial investment packages, technical support from various experts working at Bank Misr, and opportunities to explore new partnerships with the bank to achieve faster growth.

Mohamed El Sabban, Head of Innovation and Strategic Projects Sector at Bank Misr, stated that the program’s methodology focuses on empowering entrepreneurs with an integrated set of tools to reach their customers, establish networks with leading investors, and utilize a diverse range of capabilities to accelerate the growth process for participating companies over the six-month program duration.

Four startups were selected to join the program’s second edition and benefit from marketing, consultancy, and investment services, as well as workspace provision and partnership opportunities with the bank.

Sherine Kabeesh, Marketing Director at Flash, highlighted that Flash application promotes financial inclusion by providing payment services to merchants through Quick Response (QR) code, simplifying payment processes for customers and enabling merchants to receive electronic payments conveniently and quickly.

She praised the “Taqqadam” program for supporting startups to accelerate their growth and expansion, providing them with access to advanced technological services offered by Bank Misr through its infrastructure and nationwide branch network.

Fady Younan, Co-founder and CEO of UNLOCK platform, expressed satisfaction with joining the “Taqqadam” startup growth acceleration program, praising Bank Misr’s leadership in financial technology innovation and cooperation with startups in Egypt.

He appreciated the bank’s efforts in launching innovative non-financial services for its small and medium-sized enterprise clients to support their diverse growth paths. UNLOCK utilizes artificial intelligence technology to assist small and medium-sized enterprises in diagnosing growth challenges and connecting them with top professional service companies in areas such as marketing, information technology, and digital transformation, with Bank Misr’s support.

Saif Eldin El Bandary, from Flend, stated that the company has built a technological infrastructure and provides funding to small businesses promptly to address the financing gap for these companies. They joined the “Taqqadam” program not only for investment but also for strategic partnership with Bank Misr, one of the largest banks in financing small and medium-sized enterprises. They look forward to learning from the bank’s distinguished team and working with them.

Mustafa Mubarak from SETTLE expressed excitement about being part of the “Taqqadam” program, stating that partnering with Bank Misr will allow them to offer their clients exceptional deals and a competitive range of services committed to the highest safety and security standards for their executives and financial managers.

It is worth mentioning that Bank Misr attaches great importance to the projects sector, irrespective of their sizes, and seeks to instill the concept of entrepreneurship as the engine of economic growth.

Therefore, the bank has opened several business development service centers to support entrepreneurs, unleash the potential of youth, increase the number of small and medium-sized projects, and encourage startups in targeted economic sectors to enhance the local product through a national industry capable of competition and accessing new markets internationally.

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