Riyadh hosts the activities of the second edition of the TikTok Creators Center

TikTok Middle East and North Africa has revealed the introduction of the second version of the TikTok Creators Hub, a program highlighting women-led companies and ventures.

This initiative aims to encourage the creation of environments that propel women towards achieving more growth and progress.

The innovative program takes the form of a competition, allowing participants to showcase their unique talents and business acumen, with a focus on outstanding female contributions in the business world.

The program concludes with a grand awards ceremony in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, celebrating the remarkable achievements of these exceptional women leaders.

In collaboration with the United Nations Women, which is part of the judging committee, TikTok Creators Hub primarily aims to identify and nurture the business talents of female entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa region.

The United Nations Women contributes its expertise to the program, rallying support for women in business. Susan Mikhail Eldaaghan, the Regional Director of the United Nations Women in the Arab States, expressed pride in the collaboration with TikTok, stating, “We are proud to collaborate with TikTok on this empowering journey.

Together, we work to provide the necessary support to help women-led businesses thrive in the Middle East and North Africa, leaving a significant impact on the world of entrepreneurship.”

The program offers participants unique opportunities, including mentorship from successful female leaders, guidance on utilizing content creation platforms to promote their businesses, and a chance to connect with like-minded women, contributing to the building of a strong support network.

Through this, inspiring women entrepreneurs from across the region have the opportunity to collaborate, enjoying countless opportunities for funding, learning, guidance, and networking.

TikTok will promote this year’s Creators Hub initiative using the hashtag #HerAmbitions, highlighting the valuable role women play in the business field.

Women entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa can share their stories, inspire others, and participate in building a supportive community that celebrates women in business. The competition format not only recognizes the potential of women entrepreneurs but also enables them to share their ideas in innovation and entrepreneurship with a global audience.

The judging panel for the competition includes well-known creators and entrepreneurs such as lifestyle influencer and businesswoman Karen Wazen, culinary expert Sherezade Al-Hajjar, founder of Sherezade Cuisine The Bakery, Duaa Jawish, CEO and founder of The Hair Addict, and Monteria Narkvichien, Head of Communications at the United Nations Women for the Arab States region.

TikTok Creators Hub is not just a competition; it is a capacity-building program designed to enhance the supportive and collaborative environment for women entrepreneurs.

It aims to improve their capabilities, fostering advancement and success through a comprehensive support system that provides tools, knowledge, and resources necessary for enhancing their skills.

By encouraging ambitions in the business field in the Middle East and North Africa, TikTok Creators Hub ultimately helps women entrepreneurs reach a wider market and develop their brands.

Kenda Ibrahim, the Regional General Manager of Operations at TikTok for the Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia, expressed TikTok’s belief in the unlimited potential of every woman entrepreneur in the region. She emphasized that the second edition of TikTok Creators Hub, titled #HerAmbitions, goes beyond being just a competition.

It paves the way for these outstanding women leaders to shine and inspire others.

The #HerAmbitions campaign values the prominent role women play in the business field, aiming to amplify women’s voices, share their inspiring stories, and build a supportive community that celebrates women’s strength in business.

The second edition of TikTok Creators Hub spans three dynamic stages.

The first stage kicks off on the application, announcing the initiative’s launch through the hashtag #HerAmbitions and an engaging video featuring inspiring women entrepreneurs.

Participants present a brief introductory overview of their businesses, and TikTok users vote for their favorite women entrepreneurs.

The second stage of the program includes workshops and live discussions featuring members of the judging committee, including Karen Wazen, Sherezade Al-Hajjar, Duaa Jawish, and renowned business experts.

These sessions offer insights, advice, and guidance to enhance the participants’ skills.

Live discussions explore the influence of influencer content creation in expanding career horizons, carving new paths, and promoting personal branding.

The selected speakers and participants in these discussions emphasize the importance of leveraging social media platforms to highlight professional achievements, build relationships with peers and industry leaders, and establish a digital presence for women entrepreneurs.

The final stage will witness a closing ceremony on December 7th in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where the qualifying participants showcase their businesses for final judgment.

The competition’s judging committee oversees the proceedings, and the winners receive financial prizes. The first-place winner is awarded $10,000, while the second and third-place women entrepreneurs each receive $5,000.

With the aim of demonstrating the platform’s benefits and contribution to enhancing the creative economy, the second edition of TikTok Creators Hub supports creative entrepreneurs in the region, launching a new era of digital content economy in the Middle East and North Africa.

TikTok plays a vital role in empowering users and refining their skills, fostering a community of creators capable of making a significant impact in the digital space.

TikTok Creators Hub was first launched in 2022, focusing on the theme of climate change.

It provided numerous opportunities for new talents and contributed to the thriving creative economy in the region through a similar competition format.

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