partnership between Electra and Wow Bikes to increase the spread of electric bikes in Dubai

Electric bicycles company “Electra,” a subsidiary of Trek, and the multi-brand bicycle store “Wow Bikes” proudly announce the opening of dedicated areas inside Virgin Megastores at Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates, aiming to provide an exceptional experience for bicycle enthusiasts.

These unique areas feature the display of the Electra brand, but not only that, they also offer a diverse range of manually crafted bicycles and electric bikes from leading European and English manufacturers.

Unique brands like “Raf,” “Beno,” “Bashley,” “Schindelhauer,” “Moulton,” and “Velo” can now be found at Virgin Megastore online and in physical stores.

The success of the dedicated areas in Virgin Megastores at Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates opens up prospects for future expansion plans to additional Virgin locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

This ensures access for more customers across the UAE to the unique and stylish bicycle collections offered by Electra and Wow Bikes.

The dedicated places where Wow Bikes shine have become part of prestigious shopping destinations like Mercato Mall, Hills Mall, Galleria Mall (Abu Dhabi), and the vibrant City Center (Sharjah).

Excitingly, the horizon expands in the near future to provide an exceptional experience with the unveiling of a dedicated area specifically for Electra and Wow Bikes at Virgin Megastore in Mall Yas (Abu Dhabi).

This distinctive area in Mall Yas is expected to be the primary hub for bicycle enthusiasts, fully embodying the essence of Electra and Wow Bikes in the Emirate.

Inside the carefully curated areas at Virgin, customers can benefit from guidance from expert specialists working at Electra Electric Bicycles Company.

In this context, Raymond Medneyes, CEO of Wow Bikes and the Electra Electric Bicycles Company store on Bluewaters Island, noted that “with the rapid evolution of bicycle infrastructure in the UAE, the country shines as one of the most promising places globally for developing bicycle culture.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi aspire to become global capitals of cycling in the near future.

Despite this progress, many in the region are still unsure about integrating bicycles into their daily lives.

As enthusiasts of cycling culture, we see it as our mission to change this situation. For this reason, we introduce new brands to the UAE market, carefully designed to meet the needs of urban life.”

In line with this commitment, the company has actively expanded its market presence through strategic investments, including a €2 million allocation to develop the Electra Electric Bicycles Company store on Bluewaters Island, and now – the strategic partnership with Virgin.

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