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iVoiceUp: Revolutionizing Workplace Ethics and Compliance Through Innovative Digital Solutions

iVoiceUp, a company specializing in detecting and reporting ethical violations within companies and institutions, announced the launch of the first Egyptian platform of its kind. This platform aims to provide comprehensive solutions for managing ethics, compliance, and human resources cases. It ensures a safe work environment for employees and workers while maintaining their anonymity. Since its establishment in 2019, iVoiceUp has successfully contracted with 270 clients across more than 19 different sectors in Egypt and the Middle East.

The company has achieved notable success in the fast-food industry. Through collaboration with the Chamber of Food Industries, it has contracted with major companies like Coca-Cola Egypt, Juhayna, Americana Group, and Edita, in addition to firms in various other sectors, including financial services, healthcare, energy, and retail.

After gaining the trust of many clients in the Egyptian market, iVoiceUp has recently ventured into the banking sector, securing a contract with the Bank of Egypt. Ahmed Geneidy, the founding president of iVoiceUp, emphasized the importance of providing employees and stakeholders a safe way to express their opinions and concerns while keeping their identities confidential. This approach is essential for companies in this era to secure a safe space for all to protect the reputation of companies and minimize financial losses.

Mohamed El-Kurdi, Head of Compliance and Governance at Bank of Egypt, stressed the bank’s commitment to the highest standards of ethical behavior, integrity, compliance with governance principles, and the banking work charter. He highlighted that such initiatives enable employees to report concerns confidentially and easily, promoting transparency and responsible behavior.

Sherine Karam, Marketing and Communications Director at iVoiceUp, explained that the platform operates through a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. It is easy and efficient to set up and run, as it operates online and is provided on the cloud. The service can be activated within seven days, allowing users to access and start using the platform without needing local server software installation or modifications.

iVoiceUp focuses on developing its platform with a team specializing in information technology and machine learning. The platform has undergone multiple testing and improvement phases over five years to ensure quality and performance. It incorporates AI technologies and Power BI for data analysis, providing important reports and statistics for institutions. The platform is designed to be easily used by companies of all sizes.

The company also offers a Customer Success Manager (CSM) service, experienced in public relations and customer relationship management, helping institutions achieve the best results from using the platform and accomplishing their goals.

Remarkably, iVoiceUp has empowered over 465,000 employees. Through continuous monitoring of clients, the iVoiceUp service has helped avoid approximately $7 million in losses from a single client over a year. This has resulted in a 72% increase in employee satisfaction with the company after activating the service.

Aligned with iVoiceUp’s strategy to enhance and support “Egypt Vision 2030,” the company contributes to economic and sustainable development. It supports implementing Egypt’s strategic priorities to achieve financial inclusion for Egyptian companies, empowering women and youth, accelerating Egypt’s transition to a green economy, and enhancing competitiveness by supporting the private sector and governance in the context of digital transformation.

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