Exclusive Interview with Khaled El Masry, Founder and CEO of Kijaqo

In an exclusive interview with Khaled El Masry, the founder and CEO of Kijaqo, El-Masry unveiled the success journey of the Egyptian brand that launched in 2020 with a clear vision of providing high-quality clothing at reasonable prices. Kijaqo focuses on jackets and jeans with a simple style and excellent quality, aiming to attract those who prefer global brands but face challenges with high prices.

Khaled El Masry highlights the company’s successes

Khaled El Masry highlights the company’s successes, emphasizing that Kijaqo has succeeded in providing the same level of quality at affordable prices, attracting a large number of customers. This is evident through a rapidly growing customer base, reaching 75,000 clients in a short period, reflecting the success of the company’s strategy.

Regarding the target age group, El-Masry mentions that customers vary between young men and women, whether they shop online or in physical stores. The focus is on the age group of 18 to 21 years old, offering products at suitable prices for them.

Exclusive Interview with Khaled El Masry, Founder and CEO of Kijaqo Company

Concerning the balance between quality and price, Khaled El Masry confirms that the minimum purchase amount is around 400 Egyptian pounds, allowing customers to obtain products such as T-shirts or swimsuits at reasonable prices. He emphasizes that the company’s profit is reasonable, but the main goal is to increase sales volume.

Regarding raw materials, El-Masry highlights that all materials used are 100% Egyptian and bear the mark of Egyptian cotton known for its quality. The brand benefits from this feature in marketing to the international market, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Exclusive Interview with Khaled El Masry, Founder and CEO of Kijaqo Company

Participation in Forbes is seen as a strategic opportunity for the brand to reach a wide range of young people and entrepreneurs, as Forbes is a global platform providing international visibility for startups.

In conclusion, El-Masry expresses the company’s growth plans after participating in Forbes, looking forward to expanding the business scope and increasing presence in international markets, with the goal of enhancing the brand’s name and achieving sustainable business growth.

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