Exclusive Interview with Salma Amr, the CEO of Trace Company

Salma Amr, the CEO of Trace Company, spoke in an exclusive interview about the company’s journey in the world of beauty and skincare. Salma began by welcoming and introducing herself as the CEO of Trace, highlighting the unique vision that the company carries in the skincare market.

Participating in Forbes was one of the prominent topics Salma discussed, emphasizing that this experience significantly contributed to raising awareness about Trace’s products and building customer trust. Being present in the media enhances the company’s reputation and contributes to expanding its geographical reach.

Regarding prices, Salma Amr confirmed that her company aims to cater to all social classes, taking pride in offering its products at reasonable prices that suit various budgets. This allows the company to fulfill its vision of providing beauty for everyone.

Salma also touched on the distribution channels, mentioning the presence on well-known online platforms such as Noon, Amazon, and Jumia, in addition to renowned pharmacies. This diverse distribution enhances accessibility for customers in various locations.

Exclusive Interview with Salma Amr, the CEO of Trace Company

Expansion plans were announced by Salma Amr

Regarding Trace’s expansion plans, Salma confirmed that the company is currently working on expanding within Egypt, but there are plans for international expansion in the future. This reflects the company’s ambitious vision of offering Egyptian beauty that transcends borders.

Finally, Salma revealed the company’s plans to expand its product line to include cosmetics and makeup. This step is a response to customer needs and enhances the diversity of the company’s products.

In this interview, Trace Company’s passion and commitment stand out in delivering comprehensive and accessible beauty to everyone, surpassing customer expectations in the world of skincare and beauty.

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