Exclusive Interview with Amr Kawashti and Ezz Tarek, Founders of In Your Shoe

In an exclusive interview with “EntArabi” at the Forbes Middle East Under 30 Summit in Gouna, Amr Kawashti and Ezz Tarek discussed their journey in the world of fashion and how their team aims to inspire generations to express themselves through clothing.

In Your Shoe began its journey 5 years ago with a single product and has now expanded to offer 85 products available online and in physical stores in Cairo, Gouna, and the North Coast during the summer season. Despite the challenges they faced initially, they succeeded in turning their experiences into opportunities for learning and growth. While their presence primarily revolves around the online sphere, the duo emphasizes that digital marketing is crucial to target the younger generation, which engages significantly with the digital world.

Exclusive Interview with Amr Kawashti and Ezz Tarek, Founders of In Your Shoe

Amr Kawashti and Ezz Tarek express their aspirations

Amr Kawashti and Ezz Tarek express their aspirations, with Ezz Tarek stating, “We don’t want to be just a fashion brand; we want the customer to feel like they are a part of this brand.” In Your Shoe continues to achieve this goal by encouraging customers to participate in shaping the brand through unique and innovative photography.

Amr Kawashti and Ezz Tarek are characterized by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, starting with a small team of two and now growing into a 45-member team. Ezz Tarek discusses the challenges they faced initially due to lack of experience, but they learned from their experiences and built a specialized team contributing to realizing their vision.

“Every month we have new aspirations and wishes to grow the brand and achieve more successes,” adds Ezz Tarek. The team indicates that they continue to expand their scope of work and provide unique experiences for their customers.

The team expresses their pride in being included in the Forbes Middle East Under 30 Summit, affirming that this achievement strengthens their position as an emerging Egyptian company. In Your Shoe is not just a fashion brand; it is a creative journey that blends tradition and modernity, carrying a message that inspires the new generations in Egypt and beyond.

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