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TradeHub Platform Launches a Program to Empower 10,000 Egyptian Manufacturers by 2024

The Egyptian startup company TradeHub has announced the launch of its new digital platform aimed at enhancing export operations, facilitating trade, and supporting local manufacturers in reaching both local and global markets.

TradeHub was formed thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of two young men, Ahmed Jaber and Ahmed Atef. Ahmed Jaber, who has had previous successful experiences in founding startups, including the company “Bosta”, was chosen among Forbes’ list of influencers under 30 in a previous edition. Ahmed Atef, the other co-founder, was a software engineer at Meta and co-founded the company Triplancer.

TradeHub aims to enhance export initiatives and support local manufacturers in expanding their presence in both local and global markets. The digital platform offers a comprehensive solution that changes the way manufacturers, traders, and private business owners communicate and collaborate.

Before launching the TradeHub platform, Ahmed Jaber and Ahmed Atef understood the challenges faced by manufacturers, traders, and private business owners. They discovered that manufacturers struggle to reach new customers, while buyers face difficulties in finding the right manufacturer.

From here, TradeHub seeks to facilitate the process of showcasing manufacturers and their products through dedicated factory pages on the platform. Buyers can easily search and discover local manufacturers, request prices, conduct tenders, and communicate with manufacturers through the chat feature available on the platform.

On this occasion, the founders expressed their happiness with the launch of the new digital platform, saying: “As entrepreneurs, we must look for appropriate solutions to face the big challenges we encounter in our society, one of these challenges is to enhance local products and increase exports abroad.” They added: “We are extremely excited about trade and manufacturing, and this enthusiasm has driven us to change traditional trade processes. We aim to empower 10,000 manufacturing companies by 2024, making trade operations easier and smoother for everyone.”

Currently, the TradeHub platform is exclusively available to some selected clients, and it invites manufacturers and traders to join the waiting list by registering to experience the platform.

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