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Huawei and Entlaq Holding Partnership: Empowering Technological Startups in Egypt and Supporting Vision 2030

Huawei, a leading provider of information and communications technology solutions, has partnered with Entlaq Holding, a company dedicated to supporting entrepreneurial projects, to create opportunities for promising technology startups. Through this collaboration, startups in Entlaq Holding’s portfolio will gain free access to Huawei’s advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

Mohamed Ehab, the CEO of Entlaq Holding, expressed his excitement about working with Huawei to support startups in their business accelerator program. He highlighted the focus on cooperation with Huawei in various projects including training and data accessibility, to boost the entrepreneurship sector in Egypt. The first group of startups in the Entlaq Holding business accelerator program includes 12 companies from diverse sectors, contributing significantly to sustainable development goals and Egypt’s 2030 vision. Entlaq Holding and Huawei will provide comprehensive support to these startups by offering cloud computing services and technical assistance.

Li Zhao, Vice President of Development and Marketing Partnerships at Huawei Cloud North Africa, remarked, “Small and medium-sized enterprises are essential for fostering sustainable economic development and creating many job opportunities. Huawei’s strategy is to empower entrepreneurs by enhancing their growth capabilities and expanding their businesses through digital technology. We are committed to providing them with the tools and expertise necessary to succeed in the digital era, primarily through our cloud services.”

Huawei also launched the “Huawei Cloud for Startups 2024” program, aiming to accelerate the growth and development of startups in Egypt. This program provides small and medium-sized enterprises with access to Huawei’s cloud services, technical support, training, and talent development, as well as tools to foster innovation and business growth.

The partnership was announced during the “Huawei Cloud Summit for Startups,” themed “Unleashing the Power of Startups.” The summit was attended by notable figures such as Sherine Abdel-Qader, President of the Electronic Research Institute; Ahmed Al-Qurani, Head of Entrepreneurship at the Information Technology Industry Development Authority (ITIDA); Sara Al-Barghouthi, Head of Business Support and Entrepreneurship at ITIDA; Omar Rizk, Co-Founder and General Manager of Entlaq Holding; Aya Ismail, Co-Founder and Head of the Entrepreneurial Business Accelerator at Entlaq Holding; Mona Zaghloul, Co-Founder and Head of Public Relations and Partnerships at Entlaq Holding; Joe Ai, Ecosystem Development Director at Huawei Global; along with numerous entrepreneurs, startup owners, and business accelerators.

In her address, Sherine Abdel-Qader lauded the cooperation with Huawei Egypt and its provision of cloud computing services to support the startups hosted by the Institute. She highlighted the Institute’s diverse technological capabilities and specializations, along with its efforts in supporting entrepreneurs, technology incubators, and startups through the Science and Technology City for Electronic Research and Industry. The city offers a range of services to aid entrepreneurs, including technical services with more than 200 specialized scientists, over 28 fully equipped laboratories, specialized electronic programs, continuous entrepreneurial skill development workshops, regular investor meetings, and office spaces within the scientific city.

Ahmed Al-Qurani, Head of Entrepreneurship at ITIDA, discussed the authority’s collaborative approach with various partners, including major international companies like Huawei. This cooperation aims to bolster the growth of technological startups, facilitate knowledge exchange, and provide essential resources, contributing to the proliferation and growth of entrepreneurship culture. He emphasized ITIDA’s pivotal role in supporting entrepreneurship and startups, underscoring the importance of service integration and collaboration among all stakeholders for a significant leap in technological innovation.

Launched in 2022 in Egypt and North Africa, the “Huawei Cloud for Startups” program has successfully supported over 56 startups in Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco to date. Huawei leverages its global expertise and cloud innovations to propel the development of startups, bolstering the innovation climate and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Egypt and the region.

Entlaq Holding will offer lectures and consultations to startups participating in the “Huawei Cloud for Startups” program, focusing on enhancing their technological capacities and developing managerial and technical skills for greater success in the global market. This partnership marks a significant step towards the development of the technology and entrepreneurship sector in Egypt and the region, providing unique opportunities for startups to access global resources and expertise.

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