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Synjoy Verse Technology launches its entertainment services in Dubai

Today marks a groundbreaking step in the digital world as Scienjoy Verse Technology officially announced its launch in Dubai, a city synonymous with innovation and successful future vision.

Scienjoy Verse Technology, an advanced player in the thriving metaverse field, aims to redefine the interactive digital scene and entertainment experience on a regional and global scale.

Founded by a group of internationally recognized tech visionaries and experienced minds, Scienjoy Verse Technology is designed to leverage the full potential of the metaverse as a shared virtual space created through the convergence of augmented virtual reality (AR), enhanced physical reality, and the Internet.

In this context, Dr. Zhafer Iščić, CEO of Scienjoy Verse Technology, stated: “The launch of Scienjoy Verse Technology is not just a qualitative leap into the future; we are shaping a unique and new virtual world.

Dubai, renowned for its technological and architectural wonders, provides the ideal environment for our project. Our mission is to create metaverse technology that is not only technologically advanced but also deeply integrated into the fabric of daily life.”

Scienjoy Verse Technology’s metaverse initiative will host diverse virtual environments, ranging from vibrant digital cityscapes to serene nature-inspired landscapes. Users will experience a level of interaction that surpasses the limits of the current digital world.

Given Dubai’s vibrant diversity, the platform is designed to be a melting pot where cultures, ideas, and various lifestyles converge.

The company’s strategic approach ultimately involves integrating many of its wide-ranging projects, innovations, and subsidiaries, including DVCC, SJ Media, and SJ Music, onto a single platform. Each project brings its unique expertise to enrich the metaverse.

From advanced artificial intelligence solutions and entertainment to innovative e-commerce platforms and virtual social event spaces, Scienjoy Verse Technology is poised to deliver a comprehensive and immersive virtual reality experience.

Dr. Khalifa Al Shammari, CEO of Strategy at Scienjoy Verse Technology, commented: “Imagine attending a music concert, experiencing immersive shows, or creating music with talented individuals from around the world within metaverse realms.

In reality, you will have endless possibilities and choices, and we are on the verge of making these experiences realistic and part of everyday life.”

Shammari added: “By emphasizing the importance of the user experience, Scienjoy Verse Technology is dedicated to creating a metaverse that is accessible comprehensively and securely.

With a strong focus on entertainment and creativity, the company is firmly committed to ensuring that digital developments positively contribute to both society and lifestyle.”

As Scienjoy Verse Technology embarks on this journey, it invites partners, creators, and users to join in shaping the metaverse, which is not just a digital space but a platform for growth, creativity, and communication.

With its strategic location in Dubai, the company holds a global leadership position in this creative industry, leading innovation and setting new standards in the digital world.

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