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Governmental Meeting with ‘Intlaq’ Company: Fortifying Egypt’s Entrepreneurial Landscape


Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, the Egyptian Prime Minister, convened with the team from ‘Intlaq,’ a company specializing in supporting entrepreneurial projects, at the governmental headquarters in the New Administrative Capital. The meeting aimed to review a comprehensive report shedding light on Egypt’s entrepreneurial and startup sectors, as well as strategies for their enhancement in the forthcoming phase.

The attendees included Mr. Hussam Heiba, CEO of the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones, Dr. Mohamed Abdelmalek, Deputy Head of the Medium and Small Enterprises Projects Unit, alongside officials from ‘Intlaq’ and additional experts.

Dr. Madbouly expressed gratitude for ‘Intlaq’s pivotal role in supporting entrepreneurs and startups, emphasizing the sector’s pivotal role in driving the economy. The discussions centered on a comprehensive report, incorporating scientific studies and surveys, highlighting the challenges and opportunities within Egypt’s entrepreneurial landscape, focusing on government policies, capital accessibility, funding facilitation, and ease of business operations.

Representatives from the company clarified their report’s objective: bolstering Egypt’s entrepreneurial sector. They highlighted a survey encompassing over 70 startups across ten diverse sectors.

Moreover, insights were shared concerning Egypt’s economy, emphasizing products aimed at enhancing skills and fostering value addition in the green hydrogen and special economic zone domains.

Government officials also discussed reinforcing collaboration with the company regarding the launch of a platform supporting entrepreneurs, graduate training programs, and providing legal incentives to bolster this sector.

As the meeting concluded, the Prime Minister underscored the necessity to expand collaboration with ‘Intlaq,’ particularly regarding the electronic platform and graduate training programs, emphasizing the significance of this training initiative and awaiting further details for its execution.

This meeting underlines the government’s commitment to fortify and support entrepreneurship as an integral part of Egypt’s national development vision.

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