EasyLease Solidifies Its Presence in Sustainable Transportation Sector Following Acquisition of Fully Charged LLC

In line with its strong commitment to leading the sustainable transportation revolution, EasyLease (ADX: EASY LEASE), a specialist in transportation solutions and a subsidiary of the International Holding Company in Abu Dhabi (ADX: IHC), has announced its successful acquisition of a 60% stake in Fully Charged LLC, a leader in manufacturing and installing electric car chargers. This acquisition not only enhances EasyLease’s position in the sustainable transportation sector but also establishes the company as a key player in the evolution of the industrial environment.

Fully Charged LLC, an innovative leader in electric vehicle charging technology in the UAE, has played a significant role in advancing the infrastructure for electric vehicles in the region. As a trusted supplier to leading global electric car agencies, the company has installed over 5000 charging devices and provided services to more than 45 prestigious corporate clients, including names such as DAMAC, Dubai Holding, Bvgari Resort Dubai, Emirates, and Arabia Taxi.

Ahmad Al Sadah, CEO of EasyLease, explained, “With the acquisition of Fully Charged LLC, EasyLease aims not only to invest in technology but to achieve a strategic position in leading the transition towards sustainable transportation. This step serves as a testament to our vision for a greener future and reinforces our commitment to making a positive contribution to the industry and preserving the planet, supporting our expansion in the GCC and Middle East, and leading our efforts to enhance research and development capabilities.”

Fully Charged LLC’s comprehensive service range includes home charger installation, corporate charging solutions, and continuous support and maintenance, all of which have been pivotal to the company’s success. Collaboration with more than six renowned brands further bolsters its reputation as a leader in the field.

With this acquisition, EasyLease reaffirms its commitment to investing in modern technology, enhancing infrastructure, and integrating automated solutions, setting new benchmarks for operational efficiency in the transportation sector.

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