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Mubadala Investment Opens New Horizons in Electric Technology and Energy Storage with Zinobe Partnership

Mubadala Investment proudly announces a groundbreaking venture in the investment sphere, having invested in Zinobe, the global leader in electric technology and energy storage solutions for transportation fleets.

This strategic deal was conducted in collaboration with Infracapital, the investment arm of M&G plc, holding a limited strategic partnership with Mubadala.

Established in 2017 with headquarters in London, Zinobe specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for electric transportation fleets, including batteries, charging infrastructure, and integrated software. Additionally, the company pioneers the development of large-scale energy storage batteries, ensuring substantial stability for power grids amidst the increasing integration of renewable energy resources.

Since Infracapital’s initial investment in Zinobe in 2020, the company has witnessed remarkable growth, supporting over 1,000 electric vehicles worldwide and possessing storage batteries with a capacity of 430 megawatts.

Zinobe enjoys a strong presence in various countries, notably the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, boasting a successful business portfolio across Europe and North America. With Mubadala’s support, Infracapital is gearing up to invest an additional £270 million in Zinobe to bolster its operations in the UK market and beyond.

Moreover, KK&R, a leading global investor, plans to invest nearly £600 million, forging a strategic partnership with Infracapital as key stakeholders in Zinobe.

These strategic maneuvers underscore Mubadala Investment’s commitment to fostering innovation and progress in renewable energy and sustainability sectors, solidifying its position as a pivotal player in the ever-evolving investment landscape.

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