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Egyptian Youth Entrepreneurs Association: A Vital Pillar for Supporting and Nurturing Young Entrepreneurs in Egypt

Today, the announcement was made about the establishment of the first association for young entrepreneurs in Egypt under the name “Egyptian Youth Entrepreneurs Association” (YEN). This association represents an ambitious project aimed at supporting and fostering the entrepreneurial community in Egypt. The association was officially established under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity and reflects its ambitious vision to achieve sustainable economic development by activating the role of innovative youth in the country. Forming the association’s board of directors is a significant step towards achieving these objectives, as it includes a group of distinguished individuals in the field of entrepreneurship.

Dr. Hani Ayad serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, and he is a prominent figure in the field of entrepreneurship in Egypt. Dr. Hani effectively guides the association’s activities toward achieving its vision and goals. Alongside him is Engineer Mustafa Abdel-Latif, the First Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, who contributes his expertise in developing strategies to support entrepreneurs.

Ibrahim Zalat holds the position of Secretary-General of the association and plays an active role in organizing and coordinating its activities. Additionally, the board of directors includes other members from diverse backgrounds, such as Professor Ahla El-Soban, Dr. Majed Ghanima, Professor Margaret Magdy, and Dr. Amr Saada, who collectively bring their knowledge and experience to realize the association’s vision.

The Egyptian Youth Entrepreneurs Association is an important initiative aimed at organizing efforts and coordinating work among government partners, the private sector, civil society organizations, and individuals working in the field of supporting young entrepreneurs. This association provides a supportive framework and umbrella for offering services, programs, events, and opportunities for young innovators in Egypt.

One of the association’s key missions is to enhance education and training for young innovators by organizing workshops and training courses that contribute to the development of their skills and knowledge. Furthermore, the association provides financial support and funding for small and medium-sized projects initiated by young entrepreneurs, which fosters innovation and guides the youth towards achieving their dreams.

Another important aspect of the association’s role is to promote communication and partnerships among various sectors, including private companies, government entities, and international organizations. The association aims to create a conducive environment for entrepreneurship in Egypt by providing opportunities for collaboration and partnerships among these stakeholders.

In conclusion, the Egyptian Youth Entrepreneurs Association (YEN) is a vital driver for promoting entrepreneurship in Egypt and empowering young people to realize their full potential. It represents a symbol of collaboration and solidarity to achieve sustainable development in the country by activating the role of innovative youth and guiding their ambitions towards a brighter future.

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