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Partnership between EYouth and Majra to Support the Green Economy in the Middle East and Africa

In a significant step reflecting its commitment to sustainability and development, EYouth, a leader in educational technology in the Middle East and Africa, announced the signing of a partnership agreement with Majra, the strategic arm for social responsibility in the United Arab Emirates. This partnership, witnessed by His Excellency Abdullah Al Saleh, Deputy Minister of Economy, represents an important step towards achieving a shared vision focused on supporting youth and preparing them to be future leaders in the green economy.

The Importance of the Partnership in Enhancing the Green Economy

The main goal of this partnership is to develop and launch the “Green Skills Guide,” an ambitious project aimed at providing youth with the knowledge and skills necessary to become active in the green economy. The green economy, built on concepts of sustainability, renewable energy, and environmentally friendly innovations, offers promising opportunities for economic and social development, especially in rapidly growing regions like the Middle East and Africa.

The Impact of Educational Technology on Youth

EYouth, with its extensive experience in educational technology, plays a key role in this partnership. Through its interactive programs and educational platforms, EYouth provides youth with the tools and knowledge necessary to understand and apply the principles of the green economy across various sectors. This includes raising awareness about renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and environmentally friendly manufacturing, as well as encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship in these areas.

Majra’s Role in Enhancing Social Responsibility

Majra, in turn, plays a pivotal role in promoting sustainability and corporate social responsibility in the UAE. Through this partnership, Majra seeks to transfer its successful experiences and practices in sustainability to the region’s youth, supporting the building of greener and more sustainable communities.

The Impact of the Partnership on the Future

Through this partnership, a large number of youths in the region are expected to be empowered, enhancing their capabilities to effectively contribute to climate change efforts and sustainable development. This step reflects the commitment of both EYouth and Majra to support sustainability and build a better future for the coming generations.

Towards Achieving the Green Economy

This partnership between EYouth and Majra represents a model of effective cooperation between the educational and governmental sectors in the Middle East and Africa. It also highlights the importance of empowering youth and enhancing their skills to be an active part of building a sustainable and green economy, and it marks the beginning of a new era where youth become the main driver of change towards a more sustainable world.

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