Boubyan Bank Launches eRent Platform for Streamlined Property Management and Rent Collection

Boubyan Bank has announced the launch of its innovative eRent platform, designed to facilitate property management and digital rent collection for its business and corporate account holders.

This move underscores the bank’s commitment to staying abreast of the latest technological innovations and achieving success in its digital expansion strategy, meeting the growing demand for Boubyan’s services and enhancing its customers’ banking experience.

Zaid Al-Saadoun, Assistant General Manager for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) Corporate Banking at the bank, stated, “At Boubyan Bank, we always aim to create added value for our customers from various segments by ensuring their needs are met in an easy, secure manner, surpassing their expectations in managing and successfully growing their businesses.

” He explained that the new eRent digital service is tailored for business and corporate account holders, serving as an integrated platform for a range of services supported by innovative digital solutions in property management, rent collection, and various banking operations, all easily accessible at any time.

Al-Saadoun highlighted, “The service is a comprehensive system and an innovative solution available through online banking for the corporate sector, catering to an unlimited number of clients.

Its aim is to expedite and simplify the monitoring and collection of rents, enabling tenants to make online payments via smartphones, available 24/7, thus reducing the risks associated with cash collection.”

He emphasized that the eRent service aligns perfectly with the current trend towards digital banking services and support for digital payments.

It can be utilized through K-net or instant transfers from one Boubyan account to another via the ePay service, dedicated to digital payment collection and immediate deposit into the property owner’s account within the bank’s clientele.

The service also allows for the preparation of accounting reports, expense management, receiving instant notifications about deposited amounts, monitoring maintenance and contracts, and receiving payment receipts through Short Message Service (SMS).

This package of banking solutions reflects Boubyan’s continuous approach to developing digital infrastructure and delivering the best in the field of digital payments.

Al-Saadoun pointed out that the availability of the service supports key pillars in Boubyan’s commitment to digital transformation, focusing on enhancing digital growth and financial inclusion.

This is achieved by encouraging financial technological adoption and innovation based on the highest security specifications and standards, serving both the bank’s corporate clients and their customers making payments across various business sectors.

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