A cooperation protocol between Al Baraka Bank and Egypt Polytechnic to equip the computer laboratory at El Sewedy University

Albarka Bank has announced the signing of a cooperation protocol with Al-Sweedy University of Technology – Politechnic Egypt to establish a computer lab named “Albarka Bank” within the university.

This support aims to enhance the educational and technological environment.

The lab will be equipped with the latest computing technologies, contributing to the development of students’ skills in the fields of information technology and communications.

This initiative is particularly valuable as the university accepts outstanding students in the technology field, preparing them for work in various industries, thereby supporting the quality of Egyptian products.

In this context, Hazem Hegazy, CEO and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors at Albarka Bank, stated, “At Albarka Bank, we believe in the importance of education and technology in building a better future. We are pleased to be partners and supporters of the first university in Egypt to implement the polytechnic system – Al-Sweedy University of Technology.

We aim to build an educational ecosystem based on knowledge, providing students with the latest tools and laboratory infrastructure to develop their capabilities.

This contributes to bridging the gap between the educational system and the requirements of the job market in the fields of computing, information technology, and communications. This is in support of the state’s efforts to develop the education sector, aligning with the sustainable development strategy and Egypt Vision 2030.”

Engineer Ahmed Al-Sweidy, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University, stated, “Our collaboration with Albarka Bank will significantly contribute to providing high-quality education for our students through modern educational methods, enabling them to gain all the necessary skills and technologies to work easily in the local and international job market.”

This collaboration reflects Boubyan Bank’s commitment to supporting corporate social responsibility programs across sectors and its dedication to elevating the education system.

It also demonstrates the bank’s contribution to developing society by investing in the potential of youth and empowering them to acquire the necessary skills for progress and development.

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