Bina International Business Incubator Expands Its Operations to Yemen

Opening of Bina Incubator in Yemen

The Bina Entrepreneurship Foundation in Yemen has signed a partnership agreement with Bina International Incubator, making the Republic of Yemen the fifth country to host Bina International Incubator, following Turkey, Libya, Somalia, and Mauritania.

The agreement aims to launch the incubator’s activities in Yemen, with the goal of promoting an entrepreneurial culture, supporting youth initiatives and their development, nurturing innovation, and fostering economic empowerment within the Yemeni community. It also aims to support startups and small to medium-sized projects.

Bina International Incubator

The Bina International Incubator expressed its pride in announcing this expansion, which comes as a result of ongoing efforts between the management of the international Bina program and the Bina Incubator Foundation in Yemen to support Yemeni youth and enhance entrepreneurship in the country.

The incubator commenced its activities in Yemen by holding important meetings with prominent Yemeni figures, including the Yemeni Minister of Industry and Trade. The Minister expressed his ministry’s readiness to closely collaborate with the incubator to support and empower entrepreneurial youth and foster a vibrant entrepreneurial environment. He praised the role of the incubator and affirmed his ministry’s full support for its activities and future projects.

Bina International Incubator

Adnan Abdulaziz, the Public Relations Officer, affirmed that the partnership between the Bina International Incubator and the Bina Incubator Foundation for Entrepreneurship in Yemen will serve as a strong driver to enhance innovation and the economy in Yemen. Abdulaziz expressed his enthusiasm for the future and his ambition to provide support, opportunities, information, and training for entrepreneurial youth in Yemen. He wished all the best and success for Bina Incubator in Yemen and expressed hope to see more Bina Incubators in other countries, enabling them to contribute to supporting the endeavors and creative projects of young entrepreneurs.

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