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Capital 216″ Leads a Six-Figure Investment in Winshot to Enhance In-Store Customer Experience

“Capital 216 ,” the leading French investment capital company, has announced a six-figure investment in Winshot.

This investment aims to leverage Winshot’s technological expertise to improve operational efficiency and elevate the overall customer experience within stores for brands, retail chains, and franchise leaders.

Winshot has been a revolutionary force in the operational landscape for businesses across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. It addresses the intricate challenges of distribution networks by focusing on two key elements:

The startup recently concluded a noteworthy funding round, with 216 Capital leading the investment charge. These financial resources are earmarked for establishing high-caliber marketing and sales teams, solidifying a robust market presence in both France and Tunisia.

As an active member of French Tech Marseille, Winshot is poised to leverage opportunities across ecosystems on both sides of the Mediterranean.

Dhekra Khelifi, partner at 216 Capital, emphasizes, “A fantastic team and a product that addresses a real need in a promising market—these are the reasons why we invested in Winshot.

Our investment reflects our confidence in their potential and our commitment to supporting their journey to success.”

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