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PLAYBOOK Platform Acquires Women Spark to Open New Horizons for Women in Global Investing

PLAYBOOK, the leading platform for women’s professional development, has announced the complete acquisition of Women Spark platform.

PLAYBOOK serves as an educational and investment network, aiming to support women’s capabilities in leadership and finance globally.

Through this acquisition, PLAYBOOK and Women Spark combine their resources and expertise to enhance their impact. The goal of this merger is to create an ecosystem that supports women’s professional and financial growth, providing the tools, knowledge, and networks necessary for excelling in leadership positions and making informed investment decisions.

Women Spark was founded as a women-led investment group in Saudi Arabia in 2021, rapidly growing to encompass over 4,000 members and more than 150 global experts from over 250 cities in 56 countries. It has invested through its network in 17 startups, reaffirming its commitment to supporting women-led innovation and projects.

Deema Alyahya, founder of Women Spark, stated: “There is certainly great added value in joining an exceptional platform like Playbook. This collaboration will bring multiple benefits to Women Spark, enhancing the knowledge of our founders and investors.”

She added that their platform provides access to valuable insights in financial empowerment, board memberships, expanding investments, creating investment theses, and much more. This partnership will also facilitate expanding their network, creating mentoring opportunities, and enhancing global diversity of women—from China and Singapore to the United States and Canada—working together.

She elaborated: “Playbook and Women Spark will be a gateway, empowering women worldwide to invest in the region and foster the growth of women-founded projects.”

With this partnership, PLAYBOOK and Women Spark demonstrate a clear vision to empower women in investment and achieve professional excellence.

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