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LikeCard: Bridging the Gap Between Online Paid Services and Customers Through Prepaid Cards

LikeCard is one of the leading companies in the field of prepaid card distribution, offering more than 3,000 diverse cards through a single platform. The company aims to bridge the gap between paid online services and customers by providing prepaid cards and secure, easy payment methods. LikeCard offers all digital and entertainment services in one place, allowing users to easily top up their balances on the platforms they choose, whether they are gaming platforms, entertainment, or other digital services, through the mobile application and website.

Exclusive Interview

In an exclusive interview with Mr. Roudain Rostom, Sales Manager at LikeCard, during the Seamless conference, we discussed their vision, the distinguished services they offer, and their participation in the Seamless technology conference.

Services and Products

Mr. Roudain said: “At LikeCard, we strive to provide a seamless and integrated experience for consumers by offering all digital and entertainment services in one place. Users can easily top up their balances through the mobile application or website and benefit from our diverse cards, which include more than 3,000 cards for gaming platforms, entertainment, and other digital services.”

He also added: “We are also promoting our ‘White Label Distribution Solution,’ which allows companies to offer their digital vouchers using our platform. This solution meets the needs of companies looking to provide added value services to their customers.”

Communication and Partnerships

Mr. Roudain explained: “We are in contact with more than 500 companies in the Middle East, and we are always looking to strengthen our partnerships and expand our services to meet customer needs.”

Seamless Conference

Regarding their participation in the Seamless conference, Mr. Roudain said: “We have been participating in the Seamless conference for 7 years, and it represents a strong gathering of technology companies in the region. Our goal this year is to promote the ‘White Label Distribution Solution’ for businesses as part of the value-added services we offer.”

Company History and Innovations

Founded in 2015, LikeCard has affiliates and offices in Riyadh and Dubai, with a professional team and highly experienced specialists to stay updated with the latest global trends. In 2015, LikeCard managed to invent the first Android-based electronic sales device to be distributed to sale points in the GCC market. This device allows the seller to charge their account for a certain amount and sell the cards directly to customers, enabling the customer to request specific cards and pay the seller in cash.

LikeCard reflects a forward-looking and ambitious vision to provide integrated and innovative digital solutions that meet the needs of both consumers and businesses. Through their continuous participation in the Seamless conference, the company aims to strengthen its position as a leading company in the field of technology and digital services in the Middle East region.

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