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Aloo for Logistics Services: Continuous Growth and Global Ambitions

During the Seamless conference “Aloo,” a company specializing in logistics services, has shown significant growth in the local market, benefiting from its strong base in Riyadh. Originally starting locally, the company now plans to expand its operations to include several international markets, including France, Dubai, and Egypt.

“Aloo” was founded by a complete Saudi team, including technicians and founders, all working in harmony to achieve a common goal of leading in the delivery services sector. The team is highly efficient and dedicated to providing the best services to customers, which has helped the company build a strong reputation in the local market.

Since its establishment, “Aloo” has strived to offer exceptional delivery services that surpass competitors, with a delivery fee of only 5 Saudi Riyals, the cheapest in Riyadh. Additionally, their app provides fast delivery services that meet customer expectations and surpass those offered by competing companies.

“Aloo” aims to increase its customer base by expanding its network of partnerships with various restaurants and stores, not just in Riyadh but across the entire kingdom. The goal is to build a comprehensive delivery network that enables them to reach a larger number of customers and meet their needs efficiently.

With great ambitions to expand beyond Saudi borders, “Aloo” faces several challenges, but the company deals with these challenges through a well-thought-out methodology based on innovation and quality. A significant part of their strategy involves using technology to improve services and provide an exceptional user experience, making “Aloo” poised to become not only a leading logistics force in the kingdom but also on an international level.

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