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The GCCs FulfilmentStart-upShorages Raises $1M in Pre-Series A Funding

Shorages, a GCC-based fulfillment start-up, announced on April25, 2024, that it has raised a pre-series A round of $1,000,000 following its successful launch in KSA.

Shoragesoffers a network of fulfillmentcenters that provide merchantswith the infrastructure needed to unlock online sales in the GCC.

With fulfillment centers in the UAE and now KSA, it is prepared to receive inventory and dispatch orders locally and internationally for the merchants they work with.

As an omnichannel logistics provider, Shorages is well-equipped with the infrastructure needed to help merchants launch and scale their business across B2B and B2C channels.

To date, Shorages supported several brands with their online and offline product distribution.

Furthermore, the company leverages economies of scale to secure favorable terms from suppliers and extends those terms to its merchants.

The company places particular emphasis on building its technology.

The warehouse management and order fulfillment system developed by Shorages acts as a central software for merchants to operate through.

When accessing the platform, merchants are provided with complete visibility of their stock levels, order statuses, and overall performance of their sales.

The software not only seamlessly integrates with B2C channels such as Shopify, Sala, and WooCommerce but also with marketplaces such as Amazon and Noon.

In addition, the company implements its own software across the fulfillment centers it operates for staff to efficiently manage inventory and prepare orders.

This latest round will primarily be used for international expansion as Shorages plans to launch more warehouses across the GCC.

With KSA already established, the company will also look to further enable brands to expand into the Kingdom, essentially building a bridge between UAE and KSA.

The company has set its sights on becoming a key player in the GCC’s 3PL ecosystem. Shorages’ CEO Rayan Osseiran adds: “We’ve witnessed firsthand the attractive position of the GCC as a new hub for brands to expand to.

We aim to capitalize on that positioning by acting as the de facto logistics infrastructure for those companies. We are excited to welcome Joa Capital on board with us to help drive the company’s vision forward.”

The round was led by Joa Capital as part of their S3 Ventures Fund.Its partner, Abdulrahman Almousa, noted: “Joa Capital proudly supports Shorages in their recent Pre-Series A funding round, underscoring our commitment to fostering innovative companies that are set to revolutionize the commerce landscape in the GCC and beyond. This investment aligns with our mission to build long-term partnerships with visionary entrepreneurs, aiming to amplify their impactful solutions across the region and foster a more interconnected and vibrant future.”.

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