Al Ansari Exchange and Al Etihad Payments cooperate closely to expand electronic payment services via Aani

Al Ansari Exchange and Al Etihad Payments have forged a robust partnership to expand electronic payment services through the Aani platform

Al Ansari Exchange, a prominent player in money transfer and currency exchange services in the UAE, has joined hands with Al Etihad Payments , a subsidiary of the Central Bank of the UAE, to bolster electronic payment offerings through the Aani platform.

This collaboration signifies a concerted effort to enhance the digital payment landscape in the UAE.

By leveraging their respective strengths, Al Ansari Exchange and Al Etihad Payments aim to elevate customer experience and promote financial inclusion through Ani’s instant payment platform.

Through this strategic alliance, customers of Al Ansari Exchange can enjoy a seamless and secure digital payment experience.

An array of innovative services, including money transfers, bill payments, and person-to-person transactions, are now easily accessible via the Aani platform.

Notably, these transactions can be conducted using various identifiers such as phone numbers, email addresses, or QR codes, eliminating the need for International Bank Account Numbers (IBAN).

The Aani platform boasts a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge payment solutions, including QR code payments, payment requests, and installment payment options.

This integration of advanced payment technologies underscores the commitment of both Al Ansari Exchange and Al Etihad Payments to meet the evolving needs of customers and drive digital innovation in the region’s financial landscape.

Ali Al Najjar, Chief Executive Officer of Operations at Al Ansari Exchange, emphasized the partnership’s significance in delivering enhanced digital solutions and supporting financial inclusion initiatives.

The collaboration underscores their shared vision of fostering innovation and accessibility in the digital payments ecosystem.

Jean Claude Bellanger, CEO of Al Etihad Payments, echoed this sentiment, highlighting Aani’s role in advancing digital financial inclusion and efficiency within the UAE’s financial system.

Through strategic collaborations with partners like Al Ansari Exchange, Al Etihad Payments aims to extend its reach and impact in the region.

This partnership reinforces Al Ansari Exchange’s commitment to providing innovative payment solutions and driving the digitization of the economy.

By leveraging the Ani platform, customers can enjoy a convenient and secure payment experience, further propelling the development of the UAE’s financial sector.

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