10 Eastern Fortune Investments announces Harry Gill as President of Pay

Eastern Fortune Investments, based in Dubai, announced the appointment of Prabhapreet Singh Gill, known as Harry Gill, as the Chairman of the Board of Pay 10, a company specializing in electronic payment solutions and financial technology.

The company considers Gill’s appointment as opening new horizons of innovation and leadership in its journey within the financial technology sector.

This new position also adds to his responsibilities as the Chairman of the Board of Eastern Fortune Investments.

Eastern Fortune Investments represents the latest generation of mixed offices managing family wealth and is headed by Harry Gill.

It aims to support diversification of business portfolios and drive the growth wheel of the financial technology sector in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia.

Located in The Opus building in Dubai’s Business Bay, Eastern Fortune Investments provides strategic guidance services and is committed to investing in cutting-edge solutions that redefine trading, investment, and asset management methods.

The company’s financial technology portfolio primarily focuses on reshaping the future of digital banking services and financial solutions, placing the company’s projects at the core of its economic and digital visions for the United Arab Emirates from 2024 to 2030.

Aligned with its commitment to excellence and progressive business approach, Harry Gill will continue to lead the global expansion of quality projects at Eastern Fortune Investments, including Pay 10, a renowned financial technology company.

The objective is to make electronic wallet services and financial services more efficient, secure, and accessible to all.

Founded as a provider of electronic payment solutions and financial technology in India, Pay 10 quickly expanded its services globally from its new headquarters in the UAE, specifically from Dubai’s Business Bay within the Yubora Tower on the tenth floor.

Pay 10’s innovative approach provides a new level of readiness, expertise, and focus on local payment plans and payment methods in the financial technology sector. The company strives to align its operations with the visions and agendas of the various countries in which it operates to support local plans.

Pay 10 leads Eastern Fortune Investments’ portfolio and contributes to enabling a comprehensive electronic payment system, focusing on financial solutions and assisting merchants and individuals in achieving their digital transformation through a wide range of electronic payment solutions.

Pay 10 excels in leading efforts to achieve a better and more inclusive future for all, especially with the increasing global reliance on financial technology as a universal means of progress and innovation.

Thanks to Gill’s strategic leadership qualities, Pay 10 has begun to expand as a platform for innovation, making a qualitative leap in the financial services sector worldwide. The company’s success, from its inception as a startup in India to its rapid growth into a leading company in the financial technology sector, is evident.

Harry Gill’s professional career is characterized by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to leading positive change in the finance sector.

As the Chairman of the Board and founder of seven companies, Gill holds a prestigious position in the financial technology sector, especially with his success in reshaping the future of banking and financial services through advanced solutions and cutting-edge technologies.

Regarding this, Harry Gill said: “Innovation goes beyond simply providing new products; it embodies the essence of progress and transformation.

At Eastern Fortune Investments, we realize that true innovation is not limited to introducing a new product but extends to unleashing the potential for positive transformation, harnessing the power of imagination and creativity to bring about radical change and establish a more inclusive, prosperous, and sustainable future for all.”

He added: “Our commitment to innovation transcends its strategic importance; it represents the guiding principle that permeates all aspects of our company. We believe in empowering innovation by providing a conducive environment for developing and transforming bold ideas into reality.

This stems from our belief that innovation is the best means to make a meaningful impact in the finance sector and pave the way for a better future. Hand in hand, we not only create companies but also build a legacy of innovation, progress, and positive change.”

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