Vision Ventures Achieves a Significant Milestone by Partially Exiting Salla Platform

Vision Ventures, a bold investment company in the startup ecosystem of the Middle East and North Africa region, has achieved a significant milestone by partially exiting from the Salla platform, yielding returns that are 225 times the initial investment.

Vision Ventures has been involved in supporting Salla since its early stages through a seed investment round in 2018 via its first fund, Saqr Fund LP, before Salla generated any returns. The company has affirmed its retention of its remaining stake in Salla, demonstrating its belief in its potential and future growth.

Qais Al Issa, Founder and Managing Partner at Vision Ventures, expressed pride in the company’s role in the remarkable story of Salla, affirming that its success reflects the strength of emerging software products in Saudi Arabia and their ability to meet the needs of the local market and achieve substantial growth to become billion-dollar companies in the future.

Al Issa added that their ongoing partnership with Salla underscores Vision Ventures’ commitment to supporting visionary entrepreneurs and driving innovation in the Middle East and North Africa region.

This partial exit coincided with the closure of Salla’s pre-IPO investment round led by Investcorp, with participation from Sanabil Investments, a subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund, and STV.

Salla stands out for its empowerment of the e-commerce sector by simplifying the process of creating and launching online stores, providing merchants with diverse tools for inventory management, marketing, and performance analysis, as well as offering an app store featuring hundreds of external applications for use in their online stores.

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