Saudi technical alliance to support 6G and Open RAN Technologies

King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology has announced the establishment of a massive technological and industrial alliance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The alliance includes the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the Saudi Authority for Industrial Development and Innovation, Saudi Aramco, and the Saudi Telecommunications Company (STC). The alliance aims to support research and development in the fields of fifth and sixth-generation communication technologies, as well as Open RAN technologies.

The objectives of the new alliance are:

  • Creating a system that supports innovation and entrepreneurship in future communication technologies.
  • Establishing and operating innovation centers for future communication technologies.
  • Establishing an Open RAN technology matching laboratory “OTIC”.
  • Implementing research, development, and innovation initiatives in fifth and sixth-generation technologies.
  • Hosting local and international customers.
  • Commercializing research and development outputs.

This alliance is a significant step towards enhancing Saudi Arabia’s position as a leading center for innovation and research and development in the field of communication technologies. It will also contribute to supporting the national economy and creating new job opportunities.

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