Signing a cooperation agreement to finance and operate laundry facilities between Kleen and Thamar for crowdfunding

“In the context of expanding horizons and fostering innovation in the laundry services sector, Kleen, the leading provider of technological and operational solutions for laundry services, has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Thamar for crowd funding.

This fruitful collaboration was announced at the Leap Conference, where the two parties aim to facilitate and support entrepreneurs and investors looking to enter and invest in the laundry sector by providing innovative financial and operational solutions.

Since its establishment in 2021, Kleen has revolutionized the sector with its approach based on advanced technological solutions, providing exceptional customer experiences and enhancing operational efficiency for laundries.

Today, after serving in more than four cities and for over 130,000 customers, this partnership reflects Kleen’s commitment to improving and developing the customer and investor experience in this vital sector.

This collaboration between Kleen and Thamar for crowd funding is a strategic step towards enhancing growth and innovation in the laundry sector, emphasizing the role of technology as a key factor in developing and improving services for both customers and investors alike.”

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