Arzag Plus Leads Innovation with Support from Upturn Ventures and Sanaya

With substantial investment support from Upturn Ventures and Sanaya, Arzag Plus announces ambitious plans to lead innovation in the food supply chain sector. This strategic partnership, newly signed at the LEAP 24, highlights:

Key Achievements:

  • A funding round of 12 million SAR: Reflecting significant confidence in Arzag Plus’s capabilities and potential, and demonstrating its partners’ commitment to supporting its vision for radical change in the markets.
  • Coverage of food and beverage needs in over 72 cities in the Kingdom: Serving more than 6,000 clients and collaborating with over 300 leading brands.
  • Development of the “CroXport” digital platform: An advanced logistics network for emerging brands, facilitating their expansion into new markets more efficiently and effectively.
  • Improvement in supply chain efficiency: Reducing wasted time in operations by 76%, and reducing brand expansion costs to new cities by over 54%.

Future Plans:

  • Development and activation of more innovative digital products: To enhance supply chain efficiency and inventory management.
  • Investment in expanding Arzag Plus’s business scope: To cover more cities and reach more customers.
  • Enhancing collaboration with leading brands: To provide the best services and solutions in the field of food supply chains.

Arzag Plus believes that this new partnership will contribute to achieving further successes that will benefit all its partners and customers.

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