Nuzomi Networks announces the launch of the new Vantage platform in the UAE

“Nuzomi Networks,” a leading provider of industrial automation security solutions and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, has launched its “Vantage” platform as a software application service in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The company announced a significant expansion of its global cloud infrastructure with the introduction of the new “Vantage” region in the UAE.

The “Vantage” platform by “Nuzomi” offers a comprehensive cloud-based cybersecurity management solution.

It enables operators in critical infrastructure and cybersecurity teams to monitor and manage industrial automation/ IoT security uniformly across the entire Nuzomi security platform.

“Vantage” facilitates asset management, vulnerability assessment, threat detection, and response through a single, user-friendly interface.

The launch of “Vantage” in the UAE aligns with the country’s cybersecurity strategy aimed at accelerating digital transformation and smart city initiatives.

This platform delivers the proven security capabilities and expected visibility from “Nuzomi Networks,” now with the added benefit of unlimited scalability through a software-as-a-service model.

“Vantage” protects a variety of assets including industrial automation, IoT devices, IT systems, edge computers, and cloud environments, all within a unified platform.

Bashir Moussa, Vice President for the Middle East and Africa at “Start Up Scene,” said, “We are excited to better serve our customers in the UAE through this new ‘Vantage’ region.

” He added, “Nuzomi Networks has always been committed to enhancing cybersecurity for critical infrastructure in the Middle East, and this new ‘Vantage’ region is a testament to that commitment.

Now, not only can our customers benefit from a cloud solution, but they will also be able to leverage the latest cybersecurity defenses offered by Nuzomi for the best possible protection.”

Organizations in the UAE now have access to the new “Vantage” region, which includes support for “Vantage IQ,” integration with “Guardian” and “Nuzomi Arc,” and “Guardian Air” sensors.

This expansion provides a comprehensive cybersecurity solution for customers, bringing together various components of the Nuzomi Networks ecosystem to provide robust protection for their critical infrastructure.

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