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Mamun Successfully Completes Oman’s First Equity Crowdfunding to Support Zameeli Platform


Sultanate of Oman witnessed a significant development in the fintech sector with the announcement by “Mamun” company of successfully completing the first crowdfunding equity round for “Zameeli” platform. This platform aims to connect Omani freelance workers with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This development marks an important step for the country’s tech sector, indicating a growing interest from companies in effective technology.

“Mamun” was founded in 2021 as a platform for integrated financing and by October 2023, launched its platform for equity and debt crowdfunding for companies, in compliance with Islamic Sharia, after obtaining a license from the Capital Market Authority of Oman. On the other hand, “Zameeli”, founded in April 2021 and initially funded by the Omani Technology Fund (OTF), expanded its investor base through “Mamun”. According to statistics, “Zameeli” has 1,369 registered clients, including prominent institutions like “Omran” and the “Ministry of Information”, and a network comprising 3,368 independent Omani workers.

“Mamun” noted that the success of this funding round for “Zameeli” paves the way for the launch of “Mamun’s” secondary market, which is expected to enhance participation in Oman’s financial system and stimulate innovation and investment in the technology sector. Mohammed Al Tamimi, the commercial president at “Mamun”, emphasized the importance of the secondary market in building a robust investment and cultural system within the Sultanate, highlighting “Mamun’s” role in promoting the local independent economy and technological innovation.

Tariq Al Habsi, co-founder and CEO of “Zameeli”, reaffirmed the platform’s commitment to its community, highlighting its efforts to attract strategic investments that enable freelance workers to effectively contribute to the platform’s future. Al Habsi aims to develop “Zameeli” into a community-driven platform that shares its success, considering this approach not only supports the platform’s sustainability and flexibility but also reflects the collaborative spirit and innovation in Oman’s technology sector.

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