Lawazem closes $8 million Pre Series A round

Lawazem platform has successfully completed its Pre-Series A investment round with a total of $8 million. This milestone was achieved on the sidelines of the second day of the prominent tech conference “Leap” in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, from March 4 to 7, 2024, under the theme “New Horizons.”

Lawazem operates in the e-commerce sector in Kuwait and the Middle East, focusing on household products and children’s needs. It aims to become a destination for high-quality household products, cleaning tools, children’s needs, and maternity products.

According to Lawazem’s strategy, its ambitions revolve around achieving its goals by offering a wide range of globally recognized brands supported by exceptional customer service, commitment to quality, effective marketing, lifestyle enhancement, and ensuring value for money.

The platform stated that all products are sourced from prominent European and Japanese factories to a single platform where customers can easily obtain their household and family needs through its official website.

This is built on a rich business experience in the field of household tools, cleaning, and children’s needs through Al Baghli & Arbash International Company.

The Lawazem team brings years of experience in cooking utensils, clothing organization, home accessories, cleaning tools, and gardening supplies to provide an exceptional and enjoyable lifestyle.

The third edition of the prominent tech conference “Leap” is held in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, from March 4 to 7, 2024, under the theme “New Horizons,” with the participation of over 18,000 exhibitors from leading technology companies worldwide.

The conference is organized by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the Saudi Federation for Cyber Security, Programming, and Drones, Taheel Company, in addition to the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises “Monsha’at,” featuring a select group of experts and distinguished speakers.

The third edition of “Leap” includes various platforms and theaters, including the main platform discussing “Web 3,” strategies of leading tech companies, user privacy in technology, as well as an investor platform and specialized theaters in education, e-commerce, financial technology, health, the fourth industrial revolution, future energy, and smart cities.

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