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Towards Renewable Energy: KarmSolar and Its Role in Egypt’s Solar Energy Revolution

In the context of the media forum organized by Mindsalike in Cairo yesterday, KarmSolar, an emerging company in Egypt specializing in the generation and distribution of renewable energy from solar sources, participated. KarmSolar believes that solar energy is the key to the future to meet Egypt’s electricity needs and achieve sustainable development.

Increasing Production Capacity:

In an exclusive interview with “You are Arab”, Ibrahim Matawa, the Chief Operating Officer, revealed the company’s plans to expand its operations in the new and renewable energy sector. The expansion focuses on increasing the production capacity of solar energy, with the cost of establishing one station estimated between 120 and 140 million Egyptian pounds. This cost includes solar panel units, battery units, and diesel generators.

Matawa also announced actual expansions in areas like Abu Mungar, Bahariya Oasis, and Farafra in the New Valley, financed by HSBC Bank. He pointed out that the company is taking steps to expand its operations in building and developing solar stations, aiming to reach a total production and distribution of solar energy of about 100 megawatts, with an increase of 45 megawatts.

The company operates about 13 to 14 solar power stations across the country, contributing to a total production of up to 17 megawatts. However, plans aim to significantly expand this capacity.

Matawa added that the conflicts in the region, due to the war on Gaza and previously the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, have cast a shadow on the rise in energy prices, explaining that reliance on solar energy will reduce pressure on foreign currency and decrease the amounts of fuel imported to operate traditional stations.

Environmental Sustainability:

Solar energy is one of the cleanest and most environmentally friendly energy sources. Using natural sunlight, KarmSolar can generate electricity in an eco-friendly manner without harmful emissions or consuming limited natural resources. This plays a significant role in improving air quality and preserving the environment in Egypt.

Reducing Dependence on Traditional Fuel:

In addition to environmental benefits, solar energy offers significant economic advantages. By relying on solar energy, it is possible to reduce pressure on foreign currency and minimize imports of traditional fuel used in operating conventional electricity generation stations.

Geographical Expansion:

KarmSolar seeks to expand its activities and provide solar electricity in different regions of Egypt. The company currently owns stations in cities like Marsa Alam, Hurghada, Cairo, Bahariya Oasis, and Farafra. This expansion will contribute to meeting the needs of local communities and providing new job opportunities.

Influential Partnerships:

Strategic partnerships are one of the elements of KarmSolar’s success. The company has collaborated with prestigious local companies like Juhayna, Nawy, and Dakahlia for electricity distribution, in addition to close cooperation with the Ministry of Electricity, the Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency, the New and Renewable Energy Authority, and the Ministry’s electricity distribution and transmission companies.

Community Responsibility:

In addition to its commercial activities, KarmSolar also aims to have a positive social impact. The company trains several locals in areas like Bahariya Oasis in the installation of solar power networks. This step enhances awareness of the importance of renewable energy and provides local job opportunities.

Sustainability and Development:

Building solar power stations requires effort and time. The construction of the stations themselves takes about 9 months, while their development and expansion require up to 3 years. This indicates KarmSolar’s commitment to sustainability and sustainable development in Egypt’s renewable energy sector.

KarmSolar is a pioneer in the field of renewable energy in Egypt, playing a vital role in achieving environmental sustainability and enhancing the Egyptian economy. By relying on solar energy sources, KarmSolar contributes to meeting the increasing electricity needs and promoting sustainable development in Egypt.

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