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Kitchenara succeeds in completing an investment round of 1.425 million Saudi riyals, with the support of angel investors in the Emirates.

The “Kitchenara” platform, specializing in food delivery services, announced the success of its funding round with 1.425 million Saudi riyals, equivalent to 380 Thousand dollars, from angel investors in the United Arab Emirates.

Kitchenara stands out as one of the leading food delivery platforms, blending its own video content on the social media platform TikTok with advanced artificial intelligence technologies, providing a unique and comprehensive experience for discovering and ordering food.

Kitchenara enables users to explore and experience the local culinary scene dynamically and interactively, setting new standards in food delivery.

Kitchenara quickly gained traction in the market by offering an unparalleled user experience. Customers can explore a curated selection of restaurants through engaging video reviews and receive personalized meal suggestions, thanks to advanced AI technology.

This unique approach not only enhances the customer decision-making process but also enables restaurants to showcase their products more prominently and effectively engage with their audience.

The funds raised will be strategically used to realize Kitchenara’s growth ambitions, focusing on expanding its operational capabilities, enhancing its technological infrastructure, and expanding its market reach.

A significant portion of the investment will be allocated to improving the platform’s smart recommendation engine, ensuring that customers receive personalized food suggestions tailored to their preferences and past dining experiences.

Umair Khalid, CEO of Kitchenara, said, “We are incredibly excited to have the support of our investors from the United Arab Emirates, who share our vision of redefining the food delivery experience.”

This investment not only validates our business model but also empowers us to accelerate our growth strategy, innovate our offerings, and continue delivering exceptional value to our users and restaurant partners.

Kitchenara’s mission is to turn every meal into an adventure, connecting people with the food they love while supporting restaurants in achieving their vision and engagement.

With this successful funding round, Kitchenara is well-positioned to become a key player in the food delivery industry, revolutionizing how people discover, share, and enjoy great food.

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