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“IOTA” Foundation Announces the Launch of a New $10 Million Investment Fund at “Investopia 2024”

In a strategic move during “Investopia 2024” held in Abu Dhabi, “IOTA Ecosystem DLT”, with the support of Abdullah bin Touq Al Marri, the Minister of Economy and Chairman of “Investopia”, announced the creation of a new investment fund with a capital of up to $10 million. This fund is directed towards financing and developing solutions in the field of Trade Technology (“TradeTech”), aiming to support startups and entrepreneurial projects based on digital technologies and asset tokenization.

This announcement is part of “Investopia’s” vision to stimulate innovation in new economic sectors and provide necessary support for entrepreneurs to grow and expand their projects. Through collaboration with “TLIP”, the digital ecosystem specialized in storing and sharing trade data, the fund seeks to enhance the trade technology environment and create an interconnected and efficient global trade ecosystem, providing trade financing solutions for companies and governments. This aligns with the United Arab Emirates’ effort to develop and support global trade technologies through “Investopia”, with a special focus on supporting startups in the UAE and Africa.

This step is an important addition to reshaping the future of digital trade and finance, as “IOTA” provides an ideal environment for innovation in technology, opening new horizons for more flexible and efficient global trade, which benefits communities and economies worldwide.

“IOTA”, registered in the Abu Dhabi Global Market, is a leading institution aiming to develop the next generation of decentralized governance technologies, enhancing the building of a new digital economy through re-engineering ways of communication, data exchange, and value between individuals and devices. Using advanced technologies such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, distributed ledger technology, the Internet of Things, and real asset tokenization, alongside modern fintech applications. In collaboration with a global network of partners, the institution seeks to research and develop technologies that contribute to a sustainable impact on the new digital economy.

“Investopia 2024” provided an ideal platform to showcase “IOTA’s” innovative capabilities to a group of global investors and specialists, in addition to enhancing strategic partnerships. The event, which lasted for two days and saw the participation of more than 2,500 people and over 90 speakers, discussed diverse trends in investment and the new economy, including digital, tourism, creative, sports, technology and fintech, healthcare, green economy, and venture capital investments, providing an ideal environment for networking, collaboration, and exploring mutual investment opportunities.

The focus on startups and the development of digital technologies reflects the United Arab Emirates’ direction towards enhancing its position as a global center for innovation and technology and as a leading business destination. This effort contributes to achieving the goals of “We the UAE 2031” vision, which aspires to make the UAE the global capital of the new economy in the coming decade, indicating the UAE’s commitment to supporting innovative technologies and digital solutions that contribute to reshaping global trade mechanisms and enhancing them with the latest solutions and advanced technologies.

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