First Abu Dhabi Bank Egypt cooperates with Drive Finance to enhance payment solutions

Abu Dhabi First Bank Egypt, one of the largest banks operating in Egypt, announced a strategic partnership agreement with Drive Finance, one of the largest consumer finance companies, a subsidiary of GB Capital owned by GB Corp.

This collaboration entails integrating Drive Finance services into “Access” by Abu Dhabi First Bank Egypt, aiming to enhance the collection operations for Drive Finance, thus contributing to expanding the services of Abu Dhabi First Bank Egypt in the Egyptian market.

This partnership marks the cornerstone of a specially designed payment solution to meet the needs of Drive Finance customers, including monthly installment payments.

This collaboration provides a comprehensive range of diverse payment solutions, including an easy-to-use payment gateway for both Drive Finance’s website and mobile application, along with custom payment links for social media platforms.

A smooth data integration process has been conducted to ensure a hassle-free experience for customers.

In this context, Shemis Fakhry, Head of Innovation and Electronic Payment Acceptance Management at Abu Dhabi First Bank Egypt, stated, “Access,” the electronic payment gateway by Abu Dhabi First Bank Egypt, is designed to empower businesses and e-commerce owners across social media platforms to achieve sustainable growth.

This is demonstrated in the successful integration of Drive Finance services with “Access” services by Abu Dhabi First Bank Egypt, heralding a transformative era in payment solutions.

This strategic partnership is not only aimed at meeting the needs of the e-commerce market but also contributes to enhancing the competitive advantages for both parties by providing the latest payment services and solutions.

On his part, Ahmed Osama, CEO of Drive Finance, said, “We are excited about the opportunities this partnership will bring us.

At Drive Finance, we will work hand in hand with Abu Dhabi First Bank Egypt to develop the payment sector for consumers in the Egyptian market, serving a customer base of up to 150,000 clients since 2012.

This collaboration with Abu Dhabi First Bank Egypt will facilitate payment transactions and monthly installment collections from customers, ensuring a smoother and easier payment experience.”

This strategic collaboration comes within the framework of Abu Dhabi First Bank Egypt’s steps to lead and expand in the Egyptian market to serve customers from all segments.

On the other hand, Drive Finance will gain an easy and secure electronic payment gateway to collect monthly installments from its customers, contributing to enhancing and diversifying its services to meet customer needs.

Additionally, this partnership will enhance the role of Abu Dhabi First Bank Egypt in driving growth in vital sectors of the Egyptian market, including e-commerce, thus contributing to boosting the country’s economic growth.

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