CDG Invest invests in Paylik to pay salaries on prepaid cards in Morocco

CDG Invest, through its 212 Founders program, announces an investment in Paylik, a Moroccan fintech startup that is revolutionizing salary access.

Paylik provides employees with instant access to their earned wages, disbursed on demand onto a prepaid card, with the balance viewable on a dedicated mobile application.

In this way, Paylik transforms how employees manage their finances and control their budgets while ensuring they can handle daily uncertainties. This innovative approach helps alleviate employees’ financial stress.

Paylik offers innovative tools for effective budget management Paylik goes beyond salary access, the startup also offers practical and innovative budget management and financial education tools, helping employees better manage their income, plan their future expenses, and provide them with the financial freedom they need.

The platform simplifies the lives of HR teams by outsourcing and digitizing the salary advance process and enabling them to implement a financial education program that enhances their social impact and employer brand.

It also helps to have more engaged and productive employees, reduce turnover, and facilitate recruitment.

With several thousand employees registered on its platform, Paylik demonstrates its positive impact in various sectors, including agriculture, automotive, restaurants, retail, construction, and tourism.

Paylik’s vision is to generate significant and long-term impact by providing companies with a comprehensive financial and HR solution that addresses the four fundamental pillars of financial well-being: (1) payment, (2) budget management and expenses, (3) access to responsible loan options through banking partners, and (4) access to savings and investment solutions through qualified partners.

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