Fawry Dahab and PayMe sign an agreement for electronic payment for Egyptians in the Gulf

Fawry, a leading provider of banking technology and electronic payment services in Egypt, has signed an agreement with Pay Me, a digital payments company, to enable Egyptian expatriates in the Gulf region and around the world to conduct financial transactions and pay bills electronically in Egypt from abroad through the Pay Me smartphone application, currently available in app stores.

The partnership between Fawry Thahab and Pay Me allows millions of Egyptian expatriate users to settle all payments such as service bills, school and university fees, driving licenses and car registrations, club memberships, medical and social insurance, and execute all financial transactions within Egypt through the application.

Pay Me offers reliable and secure technological solutions through a unique multi-channel model via the mobile application. The company aims to add more services alongside bill payments and expand its service scope worldwide through partners in various countries.

Fawry Thahab prioritizes Egyptian expatriates, targeting over 12 million of them, providing them with innovative financial technology solutions to facilitate their financial transactions and bill payments in Egypt from abroad.

Eng. Walid El-Sayed, Chairman of Fawry Thahab, stated, “Fawry Thahab adopts an ambitious plan to expand into international markets and establish various partnerships across sectors to enrich Egyptian expatriates worldwide with a package of digital solutions that assist them in conducting their digital transactions.”

Fawry Thahab is dedicated to enhancing its position as a leading platform in the digital payments market, which is the first choice for Egyptian citizens living abroad.

Durrar Al-Nisf, Board Member of Pay Me, said, “We are proud to collaborate with Fawry Thahab, the largest company in Egypt in the field of financial technology, which has a broad popular base. Through this agreement, we aim to reach them with a package of the easiest and safest financial technology solutions to complete their payments from abroad and send financial transfers to Egypt.”

Fawry was founded in 2008 as a technology company specializing in banking and electronic payment solutions, becoming the largest leading platform in providing electronic payment solutions to serve all segments of society.

Fawry’s core services include electronic bill payment and mobile phone top-up services for millions of Egyptians. The company also offers other digital services such as electronic tickets, cable TV subscriptions, and a variety of other services through its business model.

Fawry enables small and medium-sized enterprises to accept electronic payments through websites, mobile phones, and point-of-sale terminals across the republic.

Pay Me is an electronic payment solutions company aimed at facilitating bill payments for expatriates living outside their home countries.

The company acknowledges that bill payment is one of the most significant financial challenges facing migrants, offering them a quick, convenient, and secure solution to cross borders, which can be used with any card or phone number at their disposal. This is achieved through our multi-channel partnerships and solutions spanning the globe.

This is done using the Pay Me application, which can be easily downloaded from the app store, allowing users to take advantage of a wide range of payment options and enjoy a convenient and hassle-free experience.

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