FABMISR Celebrates Winners of the 2nd Edition of the Future Business Leaders Competition

First Abu Dhabi Bank Misr (FABMISR), one of the largest banks operating in Egypt, announced the triumphant winners of the second annual Future Business Leaders competition.

The competition, a prominent initiative led by the FAB Group, was conducted in an initiative with the AUC School of Business, to offer university students a platform to express their visions regarding the business sector’s contribution to promoting sustainability at both national and global levels.

Strategically timed ahead of COP28, the competition, which saw active participation from 30 talented students, emphasized the critical involvement of youth in addressing environmental challenges and promoting sustainable business practices.

The ceremony was a culmination of excitement and recognition for the exceptional contributions of the participants.

The three winners of this year’s competition, who stood out among their peers, were Bachir Hafsi (first place), Rodina Fouad Elshennawi (second place), and Farah Osman Mohamed (third place).

Mohamed Abbas Fayed, CEO and Managing Director of FABMISR, shared his insights on the significance of the competition, stating: “At FABMISR, we believe in the potential of the youth, the custodians of tomorrow’s leaders, to shape a sustainable future. The Future Business Leaders competition stands as a testament to our profound belief in the untapped potential of emerging talent.

By providing a distinguished platform for university students, we seek to ignite their intellectual curiosity and encourage them to explore, envision, and articulate their perspectives on the pivotal role of the business sector in advancing sustainability—both on a national and global scale.”

Sherif Kamel, Dean, AUC School of Business, expressed his view, “It is important to identify, mentor and support bright and promising talents, who have the creative skills, ambition, passion and ability enabling them to come up with innovative ideas and solutions that address pressing societal issues.

Today’s students and learners are tomorrow’s leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs and agents of change.

Accordingly, the school is mindful of the importance of integrating priority issues such as sustainability within the school ecosystem through various courses, degrees, competitions, extracurricular activities and community development projects.

On this note, it is invaluable to constantly encourage tomorrow’s movers and shakers to explore the prospects of the role and impact of responsible business in society.”

In resonance with their commitment to sustainable initiatives, FABMISR embraces the transformative vision outlined in FAB’s 6-point COP28 agenda. This strategic roadmap aligns seamlessly with their dedication to fostering environmental responsibility and propelling sustainable practices in the business sector.

As the success of the Future Business Leaders competition is celebrated, it is inspired by the shared objectives of accelerating sustainable finance, supporting the transition to net zero, and advocating for positive environmental action.

By championing these principles, FABMISR remains steadfast in contributing to the broader mission of creating a resilient and eco-conscious future, ensuring that sustainability remains at the forefront of their endeavors for generations to come.

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