Coupa opens its first data center in Dubai in cooperation with Amazon Web Services

“Coupa,” the leading company in artificial intelligence platforms that assist businesses in achieving faster growth and working smarter, has announced the opening of its first data center in the Middle East in Dubai, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This move highlights Coupa’s commitment to effective investment and driving growth in the region, reflecting its dedication to providing advanced services and offering data storage and retention for customers in the United Arab Emirates and throughout the Middle East.

Establishing a strong presence in the UAE is a significant achievement for Coupa, allowing the company to provide exceptional services to its growing customer base in the region, particularly institutions operating in the public services and financial sectors.

In this regard, Shihab Shukri, Vice President and General Manager for the Middle East and North Africa at Coupa, stated: “We are pleased to see the opening of our first data center in the Middle East.

This investment underscores our commitment to the region and enhances our ongoing efforts to provide the best services to our customers.

Through leveraging Amazon Web Services in the UAE, we aim to provide instant data access and comply with local regulatory requirements, ultimately enhancing a comprehensive customer experience.”

The new data center features several key advantages for businesses, including enhancing service reliability and efficiency. It ensures continuous access to Coupa’s leading artificial intelligence platform.

Furthermore, by complying with local data regulations, Coupa ensures compliance and alignment with local regulatory requirements, instilling confidence in customers across various sectors, including banking, finance, and government services.

Additionally, the new data center enhances data security through measures that protect sensitive information and reduce cybersecurity risks, alongside local support and response measures. This underscores Coupa’s adaptability and understanding of market needs.

Shukri added: “Through the establishment of the new data center, we will continue to drive innovation across our AI-driven platform to assist institutions throughout the UAE in working smarter and achieving faster growth. Coupa’s innovative artificial intelligence directs employees toward making the right decisions and expedites the online procurement process.”

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