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24SEVEN offers advanced solutions for grocery stores in the UAE

Many grocery stores in the UAE heavily rely on traditional methods and do not fully embrace digitization, making 24SEVEN’s expansion in the UAE an opportunity to continue its operational development.

Given the significant reliance of grocery stores on traditional methods, there are vast possibilities and opportunities to provide advanced technological solutions to enhance their operations.

According to Jarrar Shah, Founder and CEO of 24SEVEN, “Developing the specifications of Point of Sale (POS) devices in the UAE is not only about providing convenience to store owners but also involves digitizing the entire ecosystem of small stores.”

Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into POS devices is one of the key features associated with product development.

Advanced technologies like AI significantly enhance the efficiency of small stores in the UAE, reducing costs and improving the customer shopping experience.

Shah further adds, “Our vision involves transforming traditional POS devices from ‘point of sale only’ to ‘point of sale everything’ to facilitate acquiring all consumer needs and performing all tasks in the smallest stores, which are the essence of community commerce.”

This product, which originated from Pakistan, has seen expansion in the UAE due to intensive efforts and perseverance of innovators adapting to technological advancements.

Recognizing these subtle differences, the 24SEVEN team has designed the 24SEVEN Optima device, the optimal solution for managing cloud-supported retail operations, incorporating AI and natural language processing technology.

According to market research by Mordor Intelligence, the digital transformation market for retail sales is expected to grow from $243.57 billion in 2024 to $541.44 billion by 2029, at a compound annual growth rate of 17.32%.

As per Shah’s research, the UAE possesses a $37 billion grocery and convenience store market, with a large number of these being small grocery stores.

24SEVEN addresses the fragmentation faced by these businesses struggling to keep up with digitization, having low credit ratings, and facing challenges in competing or offering diverse products or even accessing smart financing.

Most of these small stores, like mine, belong to nationalities from South Asia, where we have developed successful models supporting over a million customers every day.

Our mission is to dedicate this knowledge and experience and apply it to local models in reality, making a positive difference in grocery store operations in the UAE and the wider GCC region.

24SEVEN Optima is not just a retail operations management device but an integrated platform containing all the necessary features and advantages to enhance retail sales operations successfully.

In addition to facilitating traditional retail functions, the 24SEVEN Optima device provides advanced voice search capabilities, micro-financing options, and data-driven decision-making.

Its cloud-based infrastructure ensures enhanced flexibility and scalability, enabling access to the device from anywhere, supporting retailers to adapt to digital evolution.

The voice search translator feature provides a seamless touchless user experience to simplify search and purchase operations.

Retailers using 24SEVEN Optima have noted significant improvements in operational efficiency, transaction processing speed, and a decrease in manual errors.

The seamless integration of micro-financing services in financial transactions, along with providing necessary tools for retail stores to manage their finances effectively.

24SEVEN aims to revolutionize the traditional retail sector by providing a comprehensive solution that simplifies inventory management, facilitates online ordering and pickup, thus enhancing the complete shopping experience for stakeholders and end consumers.

We are witnessing a clear growth in the MENA and Pakistan regions in the number of stores looking to adopt multi-channel and integrated retail trade, with physical stores wanting to integrate their operations on digital platforms, whether for purchasing products from stores, selecting order and pickup methods, or engaging in end-to-end e-commerce experiences.

Our goal is to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience, and we have also noticed a growing trend in supporting local and artisanal brands.

Our team is working on subscription options that offer enhanced features for retail partners such as digital financing services and consumer applications.

We look forward to expanding across the GCC and ensuring credit financing compliance with Islamic Sharia law.

We intend to partner with global experts in data analytics to develop a model applicable to emerging markets like Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and China.

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