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Taskedin App Wins UAE Award for Workplace Innovation

The Taskedin app has clinched the UAE Award for Workplace Innovation as the first digital workspace in Egypt and the Middle East. This achievement stems from an innovative idea aimed at enhancing workplace development and fostering digital transformation within companies.

Commenting on the win, Dr. Islam Nasrallah, entrepreneur and founder of Taskedin, remarked, “This achievement is not just an award but a recognition of the efforts of our team at Mega Trust Group. We attained this milestone through Taskedin, the first app dedicated to achieving fairness for both employees and companies.”

Dr. Islam Nasrallah extended his gratitude to the partners who contributed to the journey of the application, supporting the idea with dedication and trust to realize this accomplishment.

Nasrallah clarified that the objective of the award is to enhance the competitiveness of the UAE job market, honoring outstanding practices in the work environment, protecting and motivating the workforce, and improving the well-being and productivity of private sector employees.

The Taskedin app aims to reshape the prevailing work culture in Egypt, confronting resistance in the workplace by transitioning to a digital community focused on productivity enhancement.

The app enables companies to achieve strategic management by overseeing the company’s structure, time management, operational processes, tasks, and effective communication among team members.

The UAE Award for Workplace Innovation serves as recognition for efforts to develop the job market, improve the quality of workforce life, and boost economic productivity.

In this manner, Taskedin contributes to supporting digital transformation and achieving sustainability in the workplace in Egypt and the Middle East.

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