Fawry  Collaborates with  L A Market  to Empower Local Brands in Egypt

In its ongoing efforts to enhance growth and success for local brands in Egypt, Fawry , a leading company in banking technology and electronic payments, announced its collaboration with L A Market, a company specializing in exhibitions and conferences, aiming to integrate comprehensive solutions from both companies to support and enhance the operations of brands in various sectors in the local market.

Through this partnership, Fawry , a company specializing in financial technology solutions, aims to achieve mutual benefit for both parties and contribute to the comprehensive development of the market.

This aligns with its commitment to the Egyptian market by promoting digital transformation and offering diverse electronic services to various sectors of the state

. Moreover, it aims to contribute to enhancing and creating a conducive environment to stimulate companies and institutions to drive economic growth and support the Egyptian economy.

As the preferred choice in the electronic payments market, FORI seeks to support women empowerment initiatives in the region, which not only enhance business but also elevate the status and role of women in society at large.

Hiba El Awadi, CEO of Business Sector at Fawry , stated: “We are excited to collaborate with L A Market, and this strategic partnership will shed light on bridging international and local markets, demonstrating a commitment to making a global impact while focusing on the specific needs of the Egyptian market.

” El Awadi added, “The cooperation agreement between us and L A Market has a positive impact on the local market by creating promising opportunities for companies and institutions to thrive, grow exponentially, and thus contribute to Egyptian economic growth.”

On the other hand, Lydia Akram, Founder and CEO of L A Market, emphasized that the collaboration helps empower women by integrating specific initiatives or programs within the partnership.

She added, “We are proud to be the ideal partner for FORI, a leading company in banking and financial technology that holds the largest share in the electronic payments market

. It is the best partner in developing our business in the Egyptian market due to Fawry extensive experience and unique resources in the Egyptian market.

We aim to combine the strengths of both companies to better serve our customers.”

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